5 Surprising Lifestyle Changes on How to be More Productive



We all know those energy boosters we take, those espresso shots we pound and the to-do lists we try to plow through in an effort to get more done. With every app, every tool and every work ritual, we try to be hit peak productivity levels each day. Some days you fall short, some days you conquer it. Many times, in our pursuit of high productivity, we work long hours, eat unhealthy foods, minimize activity and social interaction. These unintended consequences can lead to mental and physical ailments which in turn will affect your productivity.

It’s easy to look at ever-mounting work and feel stressed. Our first impulse is to say or think strong statements like ‘There is so much to do’, ‘I’m so stressed’, ‘I won’t be able to get this all done’. These statements automatically affect the way we look at work. We become stressed and productivity automatically slips out the window.

Instead, ask yourself these questions:

  • These are the things I have to do. What is the best way to go about it?
  • What are the high-priority tasks to complete?
  • What are the tools I would need at my disposal to complete this accurately and efficiently?
  • What is causing me stress and how can I best prevent it?

Being productive doesn’t mean burning the midnight oil but finding ways to increase your efficiency, in a healthy manner. Often, lifestyle changes can have a big impact on your productivity. The more you push yourself to a healthier lifestyle, the more output you can produce without hurting yourself. Here are five lifestyle changes that can boost your productivity.


We all know how it feels to be in a clean, organized environment. It is one of the little joys of painstakingly cleaning up your space. But did you know, it helps you focus better? Cleaning up your space is the first step toward avoiding unnecessary distractions. While many people might argue that cleaning up is a method of procrastinating doing actual work, we want to inculcate the focus developed in clean spaces as part of your everyday life. This means, taking a few minutes every day to clean up your space, remove the clutter, banish the distractions and sit down to work with a calm mind. This is a lifestyle change that can help you organize your thoughts better, feel at ease when you work and increase your productivity. [1]

How do you go about decluttering your space? You can do it by asking yourself these important questions:

  • Do I need this item near me?
  • Does it make my life easier?


You might be thinking where is the time to exercise when you have so much to get done. However, exercising your body brings in more alertness and energy, prevents illnesses and improves mental health. [4] The huge amounts of serotonin and endorphins released into your body will not only make you happy but it helps you organize your thoughts and prioritize tasks better. You are able to better handle your work with exercise. [5]

Many people have now begun working from home which gives them the opportunity to get more work done in a day, owing to avoiding traffic, water cooler conversations and unnecessary meetings. However, working from home also gives you the ability to stay in bed all day. In cases like this, go over to your living room rug and complete two sets of jumping jacks or a 20-minute session of power yoga to boost your productivity.

3.Choose your crew

Choose your crew
The people you surround yourself with play an important role in your life. As we grow, our goals, motivations, and ambitions grow as well. While the number of connections we have on social media is ever-growing, it is also found to increase your stress levels. [2] However, social media connections are rarely actual friends who influence your life other than build stress.

It is important to choose your friends wisely. If you surround yourself with smart, successful people, you are driven to be smart and successful too. The more you learn from them, the more knowledge you can apply in your own life. The way to success is through constant upgradation and you won’t likely push yourself if you surrounded by people stuck in stagnation. [3] Author, Entrepreneur and Speaker, Jim Rohn, famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”, and this holds true every day. Get rid of those negative people that are a drain on your energy and focus on building connections that affect you to be better.


People often wear lack of sleep as a badge of honor. No, it doesn’t mean you are working hard. It just means you are negatively affecting your ability to be productive. Appropriate hours of sleep every night improves your memory, prevents mental exhaustion and protects your mental and physical well-being. [6] In fact, the Wall Street Journal found that one hour of extra sleep on average can increase wages by about 16% in the future. This is because people who sleep well are better equipped to handle changes, fall sick less often and make stronger decisions. [7]

It is no wonder brands like Dreamcloud have introduced adjustable bed frames with built-in massagers to ensure people relax faster and sleep better. With these brands specifically building products for executives and propagating the increasing importance of sleep in our lives, the onus has now shifted on us to make eight hours of rest a non-negotiable part of our schedule.

5.Spend time reflecting

Every day we are blessed with 24 hours to eat, sleep and achieve something. It is crucial to take 10 minutes of each day to become and reflect on our lives. Self-made millionaire Tony Robbins talked to CNBC about a 10-minute exercise in his life he calls priming. He spends three minutes focussing on something he is grateful for, the next three minutes he devotes to prayer and the last three minutes to the goals he wants to achieve. [8]

You can find your own 10-minute rituals where you spend becoming aware of your life’s purpose, all that you have going for you and all that you hope to achieve. If this doesn’t work for you, spend 10 minutes not thinking about anything but letting your awareness grow through mindful meditation. A few quiet minutes with yourself can greatly improve positivity and clarity in your life.

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