Acrylic Photo Prints or Canvas Prints: Which One to Choose

A masterpiece photo takes patience, hard work and planning, and it’s a shame to keep those great shots in the ephemeral digital realm. Why not get your best photos printed and use the prints to decorate your own home? With advancements in technology, canvas prints and acrylic prints are some of the most preferred print options nowadays.

If you are confused between these two print types, take a look at this short guide that will explain the differences between canvas and acrylic prints.

What You Need to Know About Canvas Prints and Acrylic Prints

Canvas prints blend the border between classic artworks and contemporary prints. Your photo is printed onto a piece of canvas fabric and then stretched over an inner frame, achieving the look of a traditional canvas painting. However, unlike painted artworks, canvas prints are available at much friendlier prices and can be produced with your own photos – that’s why they are often called custom canvas prints.

Acrylic photo prints give your photos a captivating depth effect and remarkable color vibrancy. In this printing technique, the photograph is printed on high-quality photo paper and squeezed between two sheets of sparkling acrylic glass or printed directly on the acrylic surface. The sides of the print remain transparent so your photo can be seen from every conceivable angle.

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Canvas Prints and Acrylic Prints Provide Different Appearance for Your Photos

If you want to display your photo prints as wall decor, make sure to choose the right aesthetics that will fit into the design scheme of the room. Canvas prints come with a smooth textured finish that creates an authentic, traditional look. Thanks to this unique blend of the old style and the modern aesthetics, canvas prints are truly versatile – they will easily blend in any decor scheme and any space.

If you’re looking for a sleek, contemporary and elegant appearance for your photos, then go for acrylic photo prints. They will add vibrance and sharpness to your image and will look great in modern minimalistic or Scandinavian interiors. Note that acrylic prints, like canvases, are tridimensional objects that you can hang or lean against the wall.

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Looking for Extraordinarily Durable Prints?

If one of your search criteria is the durability of photo prints, then both canvas and acrylic prints will meet your requirements. Modern canvas prints are very resistant and retain vibrant colors and a taut surface for decades – just choose a reliable provider that doesn’t cut corners on stretching costs; quality canvas prints should always be hand-stretched. Canvas prints are easy to wipe and clean so maintaining them in a perfect condition won’t be a problem at all. 

As for acrylic prints, they boast unmatchable durability, as acrylic glass is at least 10 times as strong as regular glass. Acrylic prints are shatter-resistant and incredibly lightweight so they will easily survive daily wear and tear (and even occasional knocks, although we wouldn’t advise you to test their strength on purpose). These crystal-clear prints are resistant to UV and moisture damage so you can safely hang them in any room.


All in all, both canvas and acrylic prints are excellent wall decor options that can transform your photos into genuine artworks. They have distinctive looks so if you can’t choose one print type, why not go for both – these days you can get high-quality custom prints without breaking the bank. Look for a reliable professional company –, for example – and get your photos printed at affordable prices!

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