Bistro Cafe With Minimalist & Artistic Design Concept In Prague

The Bistro Proti Proudu is located in the Karlin district of the Czech capital and has an interior characterized by extreme minimalism with retro vintage influences.

The design concept of the cafe is inspired by an electrical engineer born in the district.

bistro cafe with a minimalist, artistic design concept

Simple furniture, white walls with only black cables sketching amusing lines for decoration, it must be said that this Prague Bistro cafe intrigues and attracts attention. Several pendant lights of different sizes light up with separate switches. Each time a new customer enters, one of the pendants lights up. This slightly complicated system was installed to pay homage to a celebrity in the world of electricity: engineer Frantisek Krizik, born in the district where the Proti Proudu bistro is located.

Designer : Mimosa Architekti
Photographe : BoysPlayNice Photography & Concept

Numerous pendants everywhere light up in an original way.

Beautiful Blak Lamp in cafe

We love the place’s austerity, its simple shapes, the obvious influence of industrial style from the beginning of the last century, and the contrast between the light gray of the walls with the chairs and specially highlighted electrical cables.

The general decor cannot be described as convivial or warm, but that’s where the particularity of the whole design concept of this creative Prague bistro lies.

The metal and wood counter of the bistro, with a slogan about coffee engraved underneath.

metal and wood counter of the bistro

An interior with minimalist, sober furniture.

interior with minimalist, sober furniture

White, gray and black combined with huge wooden tables, for a retro atmosphere.

White, gray and black combined with huge wooden tables

One of the tables in this Prague bistro with almost Spartan inspiration, in black and white.

tables in this Prague bistro with Spartan inspiration

Cables are deliberately highlighted all over the walls and ceiling of the cafe.

highlighted Cables all over the walls and ceiling of the cafe

The light fixtures that play an essential role in the whole interior design concept of the bistro.

light fixtures

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