Top 10 Bedrooms Design by Architect Diego Revollo

Diego Revollo began his studies in civil engineering from the Polytechnic School of the University in São Paulo 1994. He joined the Mackenzie Presbyterian University in 1997 and graduated in Architecture and Urbanism in 2001. He began his career in 2000 working with alongside Roberto and Migotto in 2007, now he opened his own office. Bellow we share some bedrooms design and interior work done by Architect Diego Revollo.

Gray room apartment project in Paris:
Gray bedroom apartment

White minimalist room with home office attached:
White minimalist bedroom

Room with color touches and pop art:
Bedrooms Design with color touches and pop art

Panamby Apartment by Diego Revollo

White room with a touch of yellow:
White Bedroom with a touch of yellow

Integrated room with bathroom and closet, from the industrial loft project:
Integrated bedroom with bathroom and closet, from the industrial loft project

Gray room with integrated bathroom, loft:
Gray bedroom with integrated bathroom

Another gray room version with integrated bathroom, also from loft:
gray bedroom version with integrated bathroom

Room with a mix of prints:
Bedroom with a mix of prints

White room with wood from apartment on the beach:
White Bedrooms Design with wood from apartment on the beach

White bedroom with wood

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