Berlin Apartment With 19th Century Style By Annabell Kutucu


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So there it is, the home of your dreams. When I came across the photos of this Berlin apartment, I fell in love at first sight. Ready to leave anything just to live there, and never to turn back, oh yes.

Well, if truth be told, Annabell Kutucu, the decorator behind this project, succeeded in presenting 19th century styled places combined with both timeless and contemporary settings. Her trick: play on natural and perennially fashionable material; and also on straight-linedfurniture as well.

In order to add to it a more harmonious look, she had decided to paint the walls using a tinted base, so as to render a warmer and a more personal place.

Living Room

bookshelf decor in livingroom

contemporary design with white color wall

livingroom leather sofa at Berlin Apartment

natural interior design style


Great storage unit with vintage lamp in kitchen

Vintage Wicker Basket and Lamps with Wooden Stool in kitchen


bedroom storage with wooden floor

Berlin Apartment Bedroom With 19th Century Style By Annabell Kutucu

Dining & Chair

19th Century Style dinner room dining table

dark bedroom wall color with wooden floors

dining beautiful lamp design

dining wooden table

wooden chair unique design


Berlin Apartment Bathroom Design

dark wall bathroom designs

vintage reed baskets in dark bathroom


kilim pillow for livingroom

kilim pillow on sofa

Berlin Apartment With 19th Century Style

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