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A Balanced Steps: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Epoxy for Garage Floors

Balancing the pros and cons helps you decide on the best flooring option for your properties. It does not mean that one disadvantage is a bane for all. You have to weigh and consider the factors. 

Garage areas at home and among business spaces are often ignored. There is nothing that seems to get out from these vast, grey spaces aside from its sole purpose for parking the cars. Good thing, epoxy floor coatings emerged in the market. For the past decades, the innovative epoxy garage floor St Louis embraces the most difficult to deal with spaces. No wonder that you can easily fall for this flooring technology.

Take a hard look first on epoxy in today’s post and give your honest approval before you get hooked by this flooring trend.

Enumerating the 5 pros and 3 cons of epoxy floor

To get a balanced review of epoxy, you must consider what the long-term benefit is. Compare it from a permanent advantage that in the long run will only bring you long-term problems.

The Pros

Epoxy coating remains to be the most beneficial treatment for improving concrete floors. Here are the five best of its benefits.

1- Polished Look and Even Feel

The epoxy floor coating is best known for achieving a polished, even floor. It has a self-dispersing act that any cracks and dents will get covered. When you walk on the surface, you will only feel at ease with every step.

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2- Easy to Clean, Low-Maintenance

The garage can get busy for some time. But, once it gets packed with action and gets filled with dirt and sticky stains, it is left in a groggy state. Paying attention to the garage after it served you its purpose feels daunting. You wish you will not have to deal with the hard truth of cleaning it for long periods. 

An epoxy coating leaves the concrete surface flawless. How? The resin creates a smooth, dense texture. When dirt and liquid items spilled on the floor, they will not get stuck. It is a breeze to wipe and mop the garage floor in a second.

Once cleaned, the surface looks good as new. No chemicals and dark marks will be left.

3- Customization

One of the best features of using resin-enhanced coating is to design your floor with unique images. You can customize a design and have it cover your floors. There is no limit to how you can come up with patterns and pictures to grace the spaces under your feet.

4- Economical

Unlike other areas in your properties, you like to give the garage less attention. Aside from having it easy to clean, the epoxy garage floor an economical choice. You use this material to coat the floors if you want to avoid hardcore repairs. Because of epoxy’s super adhesive and self-leveling qualities, serious cracks will disappear when treated with this.

5- Super-Resistance

The flooring king resists all stains, chemicals, water damages, heavy impacts, and dark tire marks. The smooth surface remains to look polished, seamless even if exposed to the harsh surroundings. 

The Cons

Knowing the downside of a product will help you decide to look for a better option. You can also anticipate the banes and find it easy to turn the limitations to your benefits. Get to know the common flaws with epoxy, and decide how to apply this solution to your properties.

1- Epoxy cracks and gets brittle under the sun

Most professional installers will not recommend using epoxy floor coating outdoors. That is why it is still more preferred among enclosed garages and the underground basement. For outdoor garages and parking spaces, look for a flexible product and expand when touched by the warm sun rays.

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2- Expensive if used for minimal coating and film coat

There are acrylic-based concrete coatings that enhance epoxy. You can add that to the topcoat of epoxy flooring, but it will cost you too much. Or, sometimes, some patrons will use epoxy as an added layer on an existing resurfaced floor. They pay double just to achieve the benefits epoxy can give. 

Another factor under this is that epoxy is best used with a professional. So a minimal requirement for this will still have you pay the professional’s fee.

3- It cures super quick

With cons #2, the cost of using epoxy for a garage requires experts and fees that go for having them. Epoxy often results in chaos for the DIY subscribers. 

Without the precision of skilled concrete contractors, pouring epoxy solidifies over the concrete surface is a challenge. You need to be quick to let it set evenly and flawlessly.


Epoxy is a very versatile material. Even if you encounter problems, you can add more innovative solutions on top of it. The cons are not for you to be limited that you can still use it as an advantage for you to innovate.

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