11 Interior Design Tips for the Perfect Student Bedroom

A good living space can help you study better and get more enjoyment from your college years. Just as can domyessay, a professional essay writing service for students. You can order all kinds of essays and papers there and improve your grades. But getting back to arranging your living space, here are some tips on designing the perfect student bedroom.

When schoolwork is on your to-do list, pretty much everything else falls to the wayside. And unfortunately, that includes decorating your room.

But studying, hanging out, and even sleeping are all so much better when you’re happy and comfortable! So, spending the time to get your room in order is essential.

Decorating the perfect student bedroom means taking a lot of things into consideration. Not only does it have to be a great place to study that looks amazing, but you have to be careful about damaging your dorm or apartment.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips for you that combine comfort, function, and interior design into the perfect student bedroom.

1. Roll Out an Area Rug

Area rugs are a design staple.

They are a fantastic starting point when you’re trying to design a space. You can even pull the color scheme for the entire room from the rug you pick. Just think of it as the glue that holds a space together.

A lot of the time, a rug is your only chance to customize the floor to your liking.

And, of course, a plush area rug adds comfort to your bedroom by keeping your feet nice and cozy. Even if you already have carpeting, a rug adds another layer of style that’s all your own.

2. Use a Few Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to add personality to your room.

There’s nothing complicated about them. Just pick a few up and plop them down on your bed or in your desk chair. Your bedroom will instantly feel more comfortable and inviting.

Because they’re so easy to swap in and out, you can easily switch up your throw pillows whenever the mood strikes. Use different pillows for different seasons, holidays, or just to bring in a new pop of color.

If storage is an issue, don’t change out the whole pillow, just change out the pillowcases. Simply fold the ones you aren’t using and tuck them away for later!

Student Bedroom4

3. Create Wallpaper With Decals

Wall decals are the perfect alternative to any sort of wall decor in a student bedroom. They’re easy to hang, easy to remove, and don’t leave any damage behind when you leave.

One way to use decals in your bedroom is to create a wallpaper effect.

All you have to do is find a small decal you like, whether it’s stars, flowers, diamonds, or anything else. Then, create a repeating pattern all over your walls with them.

This look is great on all four walls or to create a single accent wall that stands out from the rest.

4. Get Creative With Storage Options

Storage in many student bedrooms is disappointing at best. You have to get creative with your storage options if you’re going to fit all your belongings in there with you!

Good thing there are plenty of ways for you to squeeze a little extra storage out of the space you have.

Invest in multifunctional furniture that includes hidden storage. Hang an organizer to hold things or a laundry hamper for dirty clothes on your closet door. Use stackable storage boxes to get more out of your vertical space.

And don’t forget the area around your bed. 

Use the space under your bed to store as many things as possible. If you don’t have a headboard, hang some floating shelves on the wall over your bed.

5. Place Your Desk by a Window

While your bed should go against a solid wall where you can see the entire room, your desk should sit away from the bed and as close to a window as possible.

Being further away from the bed helps your study habits, just like natural light from a window.

You’re going to want as much natural light on your desk as possible. It increases productivity, is a healthy source of vitamin D, and makes you feel happier while you work.

Student Bedroom3

6. Make Sure There’s Plenty of Light

Aside from natural light, other lighting options are necessary to keep your bedroom nice and bright. Light is absolutely essential to a student’s room and mindset.

On top of ambient lighting (the light fixture in your ceiling), you need task lighting to help you focus on specific activities.

A desk lamp helps you study. A bedside lamp makes it easier to read in bed without straining your eyes. You can add regular table lamps, floor lamps, or hanging fixtures to your room, depending on your needs and the space you have available.

And don’t forget the fairy lights!

7. Two Words: Command Hooks

Command hooks have changed the game for student bedrooms, especially dorm rooms where you’re not allowed to leave holes in the walls. Use them to hang everything from framed pictures to tapestries to wall organizers.

Get creative with your hook usage. Hang up baskets for extra storage, create a gallery wall of your favorite pictures, or use them to hang your curtains.

These hooks are truly at your command.

8. Put Washi Tape on Everything

Washi tape is completely removable and comes in tons of colors and patterns. It’s become a huge deal in the decorating world, leading to tons of ideas for using it all around the house.

Here are a few suggestions for using washi tape in your bedroom:

  • Dress up your furniture
  • Create picture frames
  • Make a design on the walls
  • Cover your door
  • Color-code collections

Student Bedroom2

9. Make a Charging Station

As a student, you probably have a lot of devices in your bedroom, which means a lot of cords running all over the place.

Cover up unsightly cords with your very own DIY charging station

Not only does it keep your room from looking cluttered and messy, but it also gives you the opportunity to do a fun little project. What better way is there to make your bedroom completely your own? 

10. Don’t Forget the Corkboard

Corkboards are a great addition to any student bedroom. Use them for pictures of friends and family, to remind you of deadlines, to organize jewelry, or as an inspiration board.

Personalize your corkboard further by covering it in fabric.  

If you want to display photos without putting holes in them, try gluing thumbtacks
to clothespins or clips to hang them. You can use decorative paper or washi tape to make the clothespin a little cuter, as well! 

11. Add a Touch of Greenery

Indoor plants can make you feel better about spending long periods of time indoors studying or doing homework. They liven up any room!

Set a small plant on your desk to keep you company, or hang plants around the room for extra decor.

Consider low-maintenance plants that don’t need a lot of attention. Unless you already have a green thumb, you want to work your way up to more difficult plants. Luckily, many beginner-friendly plants look amazing!

In Conclusion

Creating the perfect bedroom has a lot more to do with what you like than what anyone else tells you looks good. Trends don’t matter unless you want them in your space.

You’ll be spending more time in your room than anyone else!

So, take these interior design tips and let them inspire you to create a bedroom that will bring out the best in you. They are sure to lead you to the perfect workspace where you can have fun and relax while making your way through school.

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