9 Tips on How to Move Offices

Moving is often a stressful, overwhelming undertaking. If you’ve been tasked with organizing an office move, you’ve probably looked around and envisaged packing everything up into boxes, transporting it across the city before unpacking and organizing it all over again. If you’re feeling like the task is just too big, check out these tips on how to move offices with minimal stress.

1. Order boxes online

How to Move Offices1

Make sure you prepare for the packing process well in advance by ordering plenty of sturdy boxes. Order a variety of sizes, and distribute some boxes around the office so that people can begin to pack up their belongings well in advance.

2. Do an office declutter before you start

Offices tend to become cluttered over time. You’ll be amazed by how much stuff is lurking in the various cupboads and drawers. Liase with the office manager and do a big declutter before you start packing. There is no point in lugging someone’s old junk to the new office.

3. Pack boxes strategically

Packing the boxes should be done strategically to make the move easy. Try to keep similar items in the same box so that unpacking is less hectic. Keep heavier items at the bottom, and make sure that you don’t pack the box full of only heavy items (like books) but that you spread the weight around.

4. Label everything carefully

Dozens of unlabeled boxes will make the unpacking process much more difficult than it has to be. Label the room and the contents so that you know exactly what you’ll find inside.

5. Make sure everyone removes personal belongings

How to Move Offices2
It shouldn’t be your job to organize everyone’s belongings. You’ll find that your task is much simpler once everyone’s personal items have been removed. To make packing more straightforward, request that all personal belongings are cleared a few days in advance.

6. Make sure everyone packs up their own desk

Again, you can’t pack up everything. Set an afternoon when everyone packs up their desk, labels their boxes, and leaves them somewhere convenient for you. You’ll be amazed by how much this will help.

7. Speak with the IT department

Of all departments in your office, the IT department is likely to have the most difficult task. They’ll need to set up new software and programs at the new office while also disconnecting and packing up the equipment already installed at your current office. Set up a meeting with them in advance so that you can discuss important dates they will need to know.

8. Make a list of new items you may need

There will be certain items that won’t fit into your new office or that won’t be necessary. There will also be new items like tables, chairs or kitchen appliances you’ll need to order for the new office.

9. Find a good moving service

Booking a reliable, professional moving service is the final step. For the best office movers Singapore has to offer, check out Shalom, who are thoroughly experienced and efficient.

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