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An average person spends almost a third of their entire day on their bed. This time could either be spent tossing in the bed from one side to the other or be spent in a relaxing slumber. The choice is yours. Are you going to make sure that you have the ideal bed for your specific needs or are you going to continue enduring these sleepless nights?

Furthermore, the bed is also an integral element of the bedroom’s decor. It is like the centrepiece of your room. An ideal mattress should be both comfortable and elegant. Therefore, in today’s post, we are mentioning some of the best hacks and tricks that can allow you to get your ideal bed. Keep reading to learn more.

Choose the correct bed frame:

Let’s start from the basics. The first element of the perfect bed is the frame. There are many bed frames of different shapes and sizes available in the market. The material of the structure also has a significant impact on comfort, reliability and appearance.

For instance, as far as reliability is concerned, a wooden bed won’t be suitable for an environment with a lot of moisture in the air. Moisture can cause the wood to expand, which decreases reliability.

Choose the appropriate size:

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Apart from the materials used for its construction, another thing you need to consider when you are selecting a bed frame is its size. Many factors can be considered to determine the appropriate size of the mattress of the bed frame; however, the size of the room is the most prominently used parameter for this purpose.

If you have a small room, then adding a king-sized bed can make it look cluttered. Similarly, if a small bed is placed in a spacious room, the view can seem a bit out of proportions. Therefore, ensure that you select the right size.

Stay in sync with the design theme of your bedroom:

An ideal bed should also match the colour pallet and design theme of your bedroom. For instance, if you have sleek and modern furniture in your bedroom, then a bulky wooden bed isn’t the right choice. You should select an elegant aluminium frame bed, with a lavish upholstery for such a room.

Though there are various sleek wood frames available in the market as well, you must stick with the theme when purchasing the bed frame.

You get what you pay for:

Whether you are buying a bed or any other piece of furniture, you should always value reliability, performance, and comfort over a budget-friendly deal. Your furniture is not something that you have to spend money on regularly; it’s a one-time investment. Therefore, you must get a product that will prove valuable in the long run.

Furthermore, the bed is one of the primary furniture pieces in your home. It is quite impactful on our comfort and overall quality of life. Hence, whether you are choosing a mattress or a bed frame, don’t get distracted by attractive deals, and value quality over affordability.

Select the perfect mattress:

After you have made your mind about a bed frame, you need to choose the right mattress to put on it. The mattress is the most impactful element of an ideal bed; therefore, you must select one that is suitable for both you and your partner.

Searching at high-end stores and browsing expensive brands does not ensure that you are getting the best product for your needs. Rather than relying on the price tag as a measure of quality, get a hands-on experience before you finalize your choice.

Get on the sample bed in the store and move around a little bit. Feel the support and comfort of the mattress yourself and decide accordingly.

However, once you get a look at the price tags, you may wonder why mattresses are expensive? Well, many costly materials such as memory form, springs and latex are used to create mattresses, which can add to the price. Moreover, the brand you select may also have an impact on the pricing.

Using the ideal mattress is essential because a wrong mattress won’t only affect your sleep, but it can even cause problems like backaches, neck pain and other muscular issues.

Choose the right bed sheets:

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Where the frame and mattress have a significant impact on the comfort and reliability of your bed, the bedsheets are the element that adds some style and colour to it.

When you are buying your bedsheets, look for colours and designs that will comply with the pallet of your room and add to its decor. If you can’t seem to find the perfect textures, you can always opt for the classic all-white look. You also have to consider the quality of the bedsheet, if you prefer bedsheets made from bamboo, Bamboo Habor has that. See their website for color and size variations.

Consider your weather and climate:

The weather and climate of your region is a noteworthy factor that has to be considered for an ideal bed. The atmosphere can affect the bed frame in the form of rust or wood damage. Moreover, it would help if you also got some weather specific bedsheets. Cotton or silk bed sheets are suitable for the summer, whereas thicker sheets keep the bed warm during winters.

Add some comfy and decorative pillows:

Pillows are another vital aspect of any comfortable bed. However, apart from providing the necessary neck support while sleeping, pillows can also be used to spice up the decor of your bedroom.

Elegant decorative pillows can be used to create a layered effect in your bedroom, which is a common attribute of modern luxury design.

Consult your partner:

If you are married or in a relationship, you need to make sure that the bed you are choosing is suitable for both you and your partner. This means that buying a bed is more of a combined decision. Therefore, take some time and go shopping with your partner. Moreover, if you are changing the alignment of the bed, remember to consult your partner as well

Align your bed correctly in the room:

Even if you have put together the perfect bed, if it isn’t aligned correctly, it can’t be considered ideal. Selecting the right spot for the bed can be quite tricky. However, here are some tips that you should follow to get the desired result.

1. The bed shouldn’t be placed directly in front of the bathroom door
2. The bed should be aligned in such a way that the lights shine directly in your eyes
3. Ideally, the bed should be placed in between two windows to get a gentle cross breeze.

To sum up, building the ideal bed is not as straightforward and simple as some may think. You may have to try out many different options until you can figure out what suits you best. Therefore, be patient and put some effort into the process, because once you find your ideal bed, the relaxing and comforting sleep that you get will be worth the tension.

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