5 Tips to Finding the Best Water Dispenser for Your Home


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Humans cannot live without clean water. But, aside from drinking plain water, people love to make cups of hot coffee that could awaken their senses, as well as cold, refreshing drinks that could quench their thirst in a heartbeat. Now, this is where a water dispenser, with hot and cold features, enters the narrative.

Water dispensers can supply cool or hot water in just one press of a button. Choosing the best water dispenser for your home is important so you can easily drink plain cold water, which you can also use in making your favorite drinks.

So, how do you choose the best water dispenser for your home? Below are some tips to help you out with that!

  1. Choose The Best Model Selection

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The two main types of water dispensers are the countertop and free-standing models. Regardless of the model you prefer, remember that the best water dispenser for home should also come with some safety features, most especially if you have kids around.

Here are the details of the best water dispenser models you can choose from:

  • Freestanding Models: You can place free-standing models in corners that appear to have a clean and nice look. Don’t worry about the limited space in your kitchen or dining area because some free-standing models have a relatively small footprint. Also, it’s possible to have a custom-designed water dispenser.
  • Countertop Models: If you’re wishing for a water dispenser that can be placed on a higher position, then you should choose a countertop model. You can simply place it over the table or on a work surface. You can also save kitchen space using a countertop water dispenser. Most of all, you can keep your water dispenser out of children’s reach with this model.
  1. Check Out The Best Styles And Designs Online

Anything is possible online, which means you can find a wide array of styles and designs of water dispensers on the Internet. Depending on the interior design of your lovely home, you can choose the best water dispenser by taking these things into consideration:

  • Size: Water dispensers come in different sizes, and the water bottles that come with them also have varying water loading capacities.
  • Color: Whether you prefer blue, green, white, black, silver, or any color, check online product review sites and water dispenser online shops to choose the perfect color that matches your kitchen’s interior.
  • Overall Aesthetic Appeal: When looking for a water dispenser, consider its overall appeal, along with the quality of its make and construction.
  • Maintenance: Find a water dispenser that is easy to clean, meaning something that doesn’t have too many crevices or corners.
  1. Find The Best Water Dispenser Packages

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One important consideration when finding the best water dispenser for your home is also choosing the best company that will supply your water. The supplier should take full responsibility for the repair and maintenance of your water dispenser as specified on their warranty and terms and conditions.

Here are some tips when looking for the best water dispenser packages:

  • Talk to several water dispenser suppliers and inquire about their different packages.
  • Ask if they offer customized packages to address your needs.
  • Contact the representative of the supplier and ask questions. A trusted and dependable supplier will be more than happy to answer all your water dispenser-related questions.
  1. Decide Between A Top Loading Or A Bottom Loading Dispenser

The two major types of bottled water dispensers include top-loading and bottom loading water dispensers. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choosing between the two should be influenced by your needs, preferences, and safety considerations.

Here are the details of each type of water loading dispenser:

  • Top Loading Dispenser: This type of water dispenser is ideal for office settings because it is very convenient to use. You can easily spot if the water dispenser runs out of the water, thus you can replace it promptly. However, the major drawback of a top-loading water dispenser is the difficulty of lifting the refill bottle. It can cause back strain, most especially for those with back or postural issues. Also, spills frequently occur when replacing the refill bottle.
  • Bottom Loading Dispenser: This water dispenser is very convenient to use because it has space at the bottom part where the water bottle can be loaded. Also, refilling the bottle is hassle-free and tidy. There are no spills or mess. It eliminates the need to lift the water bottle because you just have to place it underneath.
  1. Read Customer Reviews

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One great way to find out if your prospective water dispenser is worth-buying is reading customer reviews or testimonials online. For instance, if you’re shopping on an online marketplace, check the star ratings and the comments of verified customers. Read both positive and negative reviews. You might just find great insights and tricks you can use when buying your next water dispenser.

Here are the important benefits of reading customer reviews when buying a water dispenser:

  • Enables you to compare the features and benefits of different models based on real people’s experiences using the product
  • Clarifies any misconceptions and sets proper expectations once you actually see and use the water dispenser
  • Allows for an informed decision on what model, color, or loading style is perfect for your home. For instance, for children’s safety, countertop models are much preferred to keep your water dispenser out of children’s reach.

Furthermore, reading reviews about water dispenser experiences, like accidents, helps you prevent any untoward incident from happening to your family, most especially if you have little kids and pets at home.


When shopping for the best water dispenser for your home, you have to ensure that you’re more after the quality. Also, it’s important to consider your needs and the overall appeal and function of the water dispenser in your home.

While there are free-standing and countertop models, you can also request for customized water dispensers if you wish. Now, drinking hot or cold water is not a problem anymore because a top-quality water dispenser will make it easier, faster, and more enjoyable to do such a thing.

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