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9 Energy Saving Tips to Heat Your Pool

9 Energy Saving Tips to Heat Your Pool


Spending time in a warm swimming pool is something that will meet all your physical and mental needs. However, the cost to heat the entire pool is high. And, the pool owners have to spend a high amount of money to do that. This is the main reason; most of the pool owners can’t afford this money.

Though, most of the pool owners use heat pumps to heat the pool but sometimes, they get failed. Here are some excellent tips to follow to save energy while heating the pool.

1. Use Pool Insulation to Reduce Heat Loss

When you are going to plan a pool, think about the insulation. If you will use rigid panel insulation while designing your pool, it will be easier for you. It will save energy and costs in the long run. Most of the ground temperature is less than the average temperature. So, it is not allowing people to swim in the pool at their ideal temperature. It is usually colder to enjoy a swim in the pool. When you install some insulation outside the thermal mass of the water-retaining structure, this is the first step in reducing the costs that are associated with the heating with a pool.

2. Improving Pool Mechanical Systems

With the help of a perfect pool pump and a robust filtration system, you can keep the warming of the pool for a longer time. Try to put some extra valves to be fitted in pipe runs and this is the main reason, the pool heating systems just like pumps and the solar heating systems can be easily installed. If you’ll follow a little bit tricky about the planning and installation of the mechanical systems, it will save a high amount of money.

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3. Pool Location

The location of the pool is also another factor that decreases the heat of the pool. If the pool is facing a constant flow of wind, ripples will create and, in this way, the pool will lose the heat constantly. Heat loss through evaporation is just another interaction of the water temperature, air temperature. A flat and tranquil pool will stay warm for a longer time.

4. Pool Color

Sunray is the primary source of heat of the pool. It adds more warmth to the water. Therefore, while the pool is under construction, make sure that the pool is getting more sunlight compared to other spaces. If the surface color of the pool is dark, it will absorb more heat from the sun compared to other colors. In this way, it will be easier to hold the heat for a longer time. One thing is to make sure that you should use dark color rather than light color if your location falls under the cooler places.

5. Always Use the Cheapest Source of the Heat

Using heat pumpswill require a high amount of energy to warm the entire pool. On the other hand, there are some natural sources of heat that you can use to keep warm for a longer time for your pool. In this way, you can use direct solar power which is completely free and can keep the pool warmer for a longer time. The design of the pool should be done eyeing on how to attract more sun rays to the pool. In this way, there is no need to use excessive heat pumps that require heavy electricity to heat up the pool. It is also important to pay attention to the pool design and make sure that sunlight falls more directly on the water surface in the daytime.

6. Choose the Right Time of the Day to Run the Heating Pump

Setting up a time for the heat pumps will save a high amount of energy which is important for all the pool owners. It is important to understand the best time that will add more heat using fewer pumps. Noon is the best time when you can easily get direct and excess sun rays. The pool will absorb the sun’s rays and can keep itself warm for a longer time. In this way, it will be easier to get the best time to run your heat pumps and will help you to keep the heat for a longer time.

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7. Efficiency Rating of the Heating Pump

One thing is to keep in mind that the COP is the efficiency rating of the heating pump. Heat pumps are energy-efficient and their efficiency is measured by the coefficient of performance. The higher COP, the more energy-efficient it is. Install high COP heating pumps to keep the pool warm for a longer time.

8. Choose the Perfect Solar Heating Panels for the Pool

Solar panels are providing free energy heating to the pools. They work only in day time but they are efficient enough to keep your pool warm. When you are installing them, make sure that panels can work for a longer time and the water will be warm in this way.

9. Decrease the Thermostat Setting

The thermostat setting plays a crucial role to keep the pool warm for a longer time. The warmer you heat the pool, the more it costs to keep it to a higher operating temperature. So, always decrease the thermostat setting and save energy.


These are some of the best tips that you must follow if you want to spend less energy to warm the pool. According to the experts, if you’ll follow these tips, you can easily keep the pool warm for a longer time.

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