How Using a Natural Deodorant Becomes a Step To Completely New Lifestyle?

How Using a Natural Deodorant Becomes a Step To Completely New Lifestyle?

It is one of man’s basic needs to improve upon his or her life. If you use cosmetics regularly, your opinions about the constituents of beauty products may be either pro-chemical or anti-chemical. Today, our realities confirm that natural beauty products are much healthier and safer to use than the normal chemical-based cosmetics we are used to. Eco-friendly and body-friendly products become more and more popular, so if you are into natural products, check out a natural deo company to find some products you can try. 

Recent studies have indicated that some chemicals used in regular antiperspirants could be hazardous to the skin. As a result, those concerned about having healthy skin are switching to natural beauty products.

For many, starting with natural deodorant is good enough to test the waters for the new lifestyle using natural cosmetics. Here is a brief guide about what to expect when you try using a natural deodorant before deciding to go natural on your other cosmetics.

Try To Find What Works For You.

Lately, many stores have been flooded by natural deodorants. It will take some trial and error to find which one works for you. However, talking to a dermatologist will also make your decision about choosing the products easier. 

Before you transition from aluminum-based deodorants to the aluminum-free type, you may have to detox your armpit. This will help remove most of the aluminum that has accumulated in your skin due to prolonged use. The skin detox period may take two to four weeks, depending on what type of detox you use and how effective it is.

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Deodorants Vs. Antiperspirants

Deodorants mainly keep your underarm from smelling by killing bacteria that are responsible for body odor. Antiperspirants block your skin pore from producing much sweat. Therefore, using natural deodorants will make you smell good. However, you still have sweat to contend with. After detox, you can find a good mix of aluminum-free deodorant and antiperspirant for your skin.

Take Time To Let Your Body Adjust.

As you start using natural deodorants, you may notice that you smell somewhat weird but not stinky. This is a normal experience for about 15% of people who are new to using natural deodorants. The smell results from the body trying to cleanse itself of toxins previously stored under the glands. Within two to four weeks, the weird smell would disappear. After that, you’ll find it more pleasant to use your natural deodorant.

Making a U-turn Afterward May Not Be Worth It.

Once your skin gets adapted to using natural deodorants, the “normal deodorants or antiperspirants” may not work for you anymore. Some people who used natural deodorants for a few weeks and tried to return to their former brands found it didn’t work. It is better to stay put as your body adjusts. You get a huge payoff for ejecting lots of toxins from under your skin.

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You Acquire a New BO.

Make no mistake. After your body adjusts to natural deodorants, you will smell differently in a very positive sense. Don’t be surprised when your friends or co-workers ask you about what changed. With confidence, you can explain your new-found lifestyle and encourage them to follow suit.


Many people continue to use the same brand of chemical-based cosmetic products for years due to unknown fear. Natural deodorants and beauty products are safe to use when obtained from reliable sources. Take time to check out the natural deodorants.

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