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9 Best Luxury Fly-Fishing Lodges around the World

9 Best Luxury Fly-Fishing Lodges around the World

If you have found your way here, then you already understand that there is no better way of calming and relaxing your mind than a successful day of fly-fishing. After a pleasantly exhausting day of casting under the sun, what you need is a comfortable and luxurious place to stay.

So dust of your fly rod and brush up on your fly fishing skills with the Fly Fisher Pro team. If this list of the 9 best luxury fly-fishing lodges around the world won’t get you motivated to get out there, I don’t know what will!

1. Kau Tapen Lodge, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina

This dreamy fly-fishing destination is located right at the banks of Rio Grande in the Argentinian Patagonia. If you classify yourself as a first-class angling outfitter, then why not try the Kau Tapen Lodge with enough rooms? Furthermore, it is surrounded by pools where you are bound to find the best sea-run trout fishing. Get to feel the peaceful aura at the massive stone fireplace with a glass of fine Argentinian wine by hand and enjoying the views of the expansive Rio Grande Valley. Other impressive features include the fly-tying table, Jacuzzi, Finnish steam bath and sauna.

2. Firehole Ranch, Montana


Set on an expansive 640-acre ranch, the Firehole Ranch is the ultimate fly fisherman haven with a 20-guest capacity. When you get to visit this location, you will discover that you will be in close proximity with a number of rivers like Gallatin, Henry’s Fork, Madison and Yellowstone where you are definitely going to find a wide variety of trout that you can tempt by tandem rigs or wet and dry nymphs. It has that rustic Yellowstone-style that gives it a unique flair.

3. Abaco Lodge, Great Abaco Island, Bahamas

If you are looking for a fly-fishing destination from around October to July, you have yourself a destination. The Abaco Lodge is the perfect location for catching yourself some bonefish while experiencing the azure of the extensive swath flats and the waters of the Marls. The area is generally unpopulated thus suitable if you are looking for some period of solitude while hauling yourself about 10-15 fish a single day. The lodge owns a fleet of Maverick skiffs are best suited for a day of fishing in the flats. After a full day’s work, relax by the pool and experience the sundowner.

4. Smith Fork Ranch, Colorado

Fly-fishing can be a very rewarding experience because then you can get to visit amazing places like the Smith Fork Ranch, located just between Telluride and Aspen having a stretch of approximately 5km to the Gunnison River plus six stocked ponds housing multiple varieties of trophy-sized trouts to satisfy your fly-fishing wanderlust. The jackpot would probably be catching the rare A-strain Colorado cutthroat trout. The best time to visit this place is around June to July because this is the time salmon fly hatch produces the country’s best dry-fly fishing.

5. Nimmo Bay, British Columbia, Canada

The British Columbia region of Canada is definitely blessed with natural beauty and amazing views. This is where Nimmo Bay is located, just intimately near the Great Bear Rainforest, along the shoreline. It houses 9-2bedroom units just enough for you with friends or family. They offer guided fly-fishing expeditions from August to October with helicopters to carry you around from the lodge to over 50 isolated streams with multiple varieties of trout, char, steelhead and salmon.

6. Boardwalk Lodge- Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Boardwalk Lodge, a member of the Orvis’exclusive group, is arguably an impressive destination at the last frontier, the amazing outdoorsman’s paradise. It boasts of critical acclaim including the Fishing Lodge of the Year in 2010 by Sporting Classic’s Award of Excellence. Its location just oceanside of Prince of Wales offers you a splendid opportunity for fly-fishing for both freshwater and saltwater.

7. Poronui- North Island, New Zealand

Poronui is arguably that place that will have you leave that backyard stream you are used to just to go and enjoy the bliss in the small island in the South Pacific region. Poronui will have you enjoying every single moment at the secluded Taharua valley. Some of the fish species you can look forward to angling include rainbow and huge brown trout with fantastic opportunities to go for the stalk and sight cast fly fishing for the trophy trout. The accommodation options include luxury safari camp, Blake House lodge and the main lodge. This place will not only inspire you but it will also amaze you because it is a lifetime of memories.

8. Agua Boa Amazon Lodge, Brazil

Agua Boa Lodge is located in the heart of the northwest region of the Amazon basin offering its guests some exclusive access to the Agua Boa River, which is a haven of peacock bass. This fish nothing less than magnificent. The amazing fish is adorned in festive greens, oranges and yellows which can be sighted by anglers on the shallow white-sand bars. Chances are that you are going to catch yourself a 20-pounder on the adventure too. They offer a houseboat and air-conditioned bungalows with amazing views of the magnificent river.

9. Nomads of the Seas, Chile

The Nomads of the Sea is not a lodge per se because it is technically a yacht that is 150ft long that sails down the Chilean coast offering fishermen a thrilling fishing fiesta. Visitors take helicopter rides to the yacht then take a sail to the virginal lagoons and streams to engage in fishing for a variety of fish like the brown trout and wild rainbow then after a full day’s work you can enjoy group dinner, enjoy some Chilean wine, crab and abalone. Alternatively, why not head over to the onboard spa and cool everything off.

Bottom line

There is nothing as refreshing as a relaxed and calm evening at a lodge by the pool while sipping some wine after a full day of casting under the sun. These are just but some of the lodges for fly-fishing in different locations of the world and there are many others for you to enjoy all over. If you enjoyed reading, kindly leave a comment a down below and don’t forget to share with family and friends.

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