How to Know That the Sewer is Giving Problems?

Your home plumbing system faces the stiffest test during bad weather when storms and extreme temperatures provide a recipe for disaster. According to the experts at the Guelph Plumbing Company, these are the times when your plumbing system undergoes severe stress, and it can be particularly strenuous for the main sewer line. Storms are especially devastating as it regularly backs up the main sewer lines. The extremely high temperatures during summer months play the perfect spoiler by clogging sewer lines and making it hell for homeowners. The biggest risk of clogged sewers, which, if left unattended, can cause health hazards by spoiling the environment and even damage homes. Besides the weather, tree roots that grow aggressively and spread all around, especially inside sewer pipes, compound the problem of sewer clogging and results on drains backing up.

How to know about sewer backup

How to know about sewer backup

To know if sewer back up is imminent or already affected your home, look for some telling signs like a foul stench spreading from the drains. If you find that the laundry lines or bathtub or any other drain point is taking too much time to drain out the water, then it is a sign of clogging. If, while using plumbing fixtures connected to the mainline, you see that water backup is happening in showers or toilets, then you must take quick action to clear the clogged drain.

Mold problem

In addition to water backup, there is another visible sign of sewer problem. If you find mold growth on the walls behind which the sewer lines are located, then it could be due to leaking sewer. Molds start growing even when the humidity level is only 55%. The cracked sewer pipe behind the wall causes the moisture to appear on the wall and create a favorable environment for mold growth. If you get the foul smell in addition to mold growth, you can be sure that there is a sewer leakage.

The grass is too green in patches

If you observe a thick patch of extra green grass in the yard, it could be due to excess moisture at the place resulting from leaking underground sewer. The extra green grass is the result of leaking sewer water supplying nutrients for rapid vegetation that produces a lush green patch amid the otherwise placid green surrounding.
The grass is too green in patches
Water backups and sewer damage are problems that can give sleepless nights to the residents, and you must act fast to get things right. If you delay in cleaning clogged sewers, it will not take much time for the sewage to flow back to your bathtubs and sinks which will not only be a health hazard but also damage the property and make things more difficult.

Sewer upkeep should be a priority to maintain a healthy environment at home. Experienced plumbers can fix the sewer problems efficiently, but the time it would take depends on how deep the damage has set in. Periodical sewer cleaning and inspection should help to avoid bigger problems, and for smaller problems, you will get some time to set it right.

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