8 Ways to Make the Lives of Architect Students Easy at College

Architecture is known to be a challenging major. You’ve probably heard about countless all-nighters, lots of mathematics, and, of course, the dreaded critics. Not to mention that it takes a lot of hard work to get a license after getting a degree. But the college should not be such an exhausting experience. You can always ask for advice from professors, assistance from studio mates, and essay help from https://essayhub.com/ when you feel overwhelmed with problems. Several tips will make your life as an Architect student better.

1.  Take the Best of It

There will be hardly ever time other than university when you are going to be surrounded by as many creative and knowledgeable professionals. Do not be afraid to ask questions; always consult with professors when in doubt. Visit the library and advantage from the sources you have access to. Go to all events and lectures, even if they are not directly linked to the major. It is important to be a well-rounded architect and those classes are in your curriculum for a reason.

2.  Stay Organized

It is quite possible to be a successful student and get enough sleep. It takes time management, organization, and, most importantly, prioritization. It is essential to set goals and have a clear to-do list. Organize your workspace, manage your time, and get used to saying “no” to some things that are not top priority now.

3.  Study and Life Balance

There is always a temptation to take your work  home from the studio. But it is a rather bad idea. You’ll probably feel more tired and helpless as you’re constantly working on a project. What is actually helpful is to step back for a moment when you’re stuck with a particular problem. Take a break, refocus, and the solution might just come to you.

4.  Ask for Feedback

Critique is useful, even if it is not pleasant. And surviving the criticism is also a great way to learn more. Remember that architecture is about constant learning and bettering yourself, so every feedback is helpful.

5.  Do Not Compare

Comparison is not productive when it comes to creative tasks. Do not compare yourself to your studio colleagues or famous architects. It is not about being better than someone else, it is about freely creating and problem-solving.

6.  Stay Healthy

This is sound advice for any college student. You won’t be able to learn much if you do not feel well. Eat healthy food, sleep well, and exercise regularly. It is as simple as that to stay energized and ready to study. And it is also quite good to have a social life, even if you are too busy with your project. Meeting with friends will keep you sane and networking can help you in the future.

7.  Travel

Traveling is one of the most existing parts of architecture studies. It is good to see pictures of a building, but witnessing it in real life is something different. Travel as much as you can, domestic or abroad – visit well-known places and historical buildings. Learn from the best.


8.  Be Creative

College is a perfect time to make mistakes. Well, on a reasonable scale, of course. But it is a great opportunity to be a free creator and try something new, out of your comfort zone. By doing so you can learn much more, explore your interests, and aspirations. And maybe even create something outstanding.

In Summary

Education in architecture might be not the easiest one, but it is worth it if you are passionate about it. You can be creative, innovative, and learn constantly. What it takes is a lot of patience, dedication, and curiosity. Stay healthy, keep balance, prioritize, and do not forget about feedback.

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