8 Tips on What to Do before Buying a Property

Buying a home, especially in Miami, is always a thrilling experience. We have to be careful and whatever our purchase, it can bring us to great luck or loss. In this article we will provide some important tips before you decide to buy a property. Property prices in Miami tend to be more expensive than many other states in the United States, so buying here requires more preparation. If you really want to buy the Miami homes for sale, read carefully the following points.
Property buying

  1. When choosing a property, consider the current and future needs of the family – both in the choice of location and the size of the property. Changing needs will affect whether a property is valuable in the future or not. Many beginner buyers only consider current needs and do not consider what they will experience in the future.
  2. Do the comparative searches on classified sites to get an idea regarding the price of the metro frame of each region, as there is a wide variation depending on the region where you want to live.
  3. Be aware of interest rates, which change according to the value of the property and the financing – so it is essential to consult several banks, not forgetting to include in the comparison the administrative fees and charges charged by each financial institution. To make it easier, banks offer simulators online and you can do research with information. Internet makes all things easier.
  4. Although the purchase conditions found are advantageous, do not forget to do a good planning, because the financing will jeopardize the family income for many years, ideally the benefit does not commit more than 30% of the family income.
  5. If you are interested in a new or under construction property, make sure the builder’s suitability with the request of the relevant agencies. Also make the survey of the incorporation of the property – check if the engineer and architect are properly registered. The St. Lucie West area has experienced a fairly high growth in the number of properties. Many new properties popping up and checking those registered are recommended. If you are looking for St. Lucie West homes for sale, so you should look for agents who really master the area.
  6. In case the property is used, it is essential to know the residence and talk with neighbors to check the conditions of the property and the neighborhood (infrastructure, security, lighting, etc.). Check the updated registration of the property in the Registry of Real Estate and request the copy of the architectural design of the building duly approved by the City and, in the case of condominium property, the copy of the convention. Also check if the real estate agent and / or broker who is intermediating the negotiation is registered.
  7. Before closing the deal, ask the bank for a projection from the first to the last installment. If the financing is carried out directly with the construction company, request the projection of installments and a simulation if the debt is transferred to the bank.
  8. Keep folders, announcements, photo of the booth model and any other publicity materials that may be used, if there is a misleading advertisement or an unfulfilled promise.

Documentation required

Documentation req
Regardless of the type of property to be purchased, it is ideal that the documentation be analyzed carefully. If you have a trustworthy lawyer, it would be interesting to have this job done by him. Hopefully this article can help you find your dream home.

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