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7 Ways A Swimming Pool Can Boost Your Home’s Outdoor Appeal

7 Ways A Swimming Pool Can Boost Your Home’s Outdoor Appeal

There’s been an ongoing debate about whether swimming pools really add value to a house, or they are exactly the opposite. The simple answer is the proverbial “it depends.”

There is a general consensus for a pool to add value to your property, which basically boils down to three reasons. First, is if it’s the right size in proportion with the size of the yard. Second is if it complements the whole property rather than being the center of attraction. The last one is if having a pool is popular in the area.

If none of these is the case, it’s just a senseless addition to the house and sacrifices peace of mind. Not to mention the regular pool maintenance you have to endure.

But if you already have a swimming pool on your home, here are some of the ways it can add to your home’s outdoor appeal.

Color Says It All

A pool with color that doesn’t coordinate with the rest of the house won’t pass one of the qualifications of a pool that adds value to the property. It either stands out, or it looks completely out of place. Either way isn’t good in terms of the property valuation.

If you have plans of repainting your house’s exterior, this is a great opportunity for you to match/coordinate the paint with that of the pool. This way, they will end up complementing each other instead of competing against each other.

Adding Plants and Stones

Adding a touch of nature in a modern vicinity is always a head-turner. Plants add an earthy vibe when surrounding a pool. Different rock forms, on the other hand, give off that organic feel instead of the staple concrete or tiles.

Trees and plants are an excellent backdrop that you can temporarily forget living in the city. Also, flower beds surrounded by rocks and boulders will be a nice highlight.

Constructing Walkways

How about adding a hint that you have a hidden paradise somewhere in your property? Walkways are a great way to do precisely just that.

You can use any materials that coordinate with the color or theme of the pool. These can range from flagstones, wooden boards, gravel, and pavers. These not only help you navigate during night time, but they can also serve as an attractive entrance to your pool.

Natural stone landscaping in backyard in summer

Highlighting Through Lights

Lighting not only allows you to see the pool at night. It can also definitely underline the beauty of it by using a variety of colors.

Start by lining up the lights from the walkway to the pool. Add underwater lighting to give it a lively and vibrant look through the dark nights. This is a very meticulous job, so you can ask professionals like Corpus Christi pool builders to do these for you.

Adding Pool Seats

If you just want to stay in the background while watching the kids enjoy swimming, adding some pool seats makes sense. It’s one way to relax while being on guard to ensure the kids’ safety, but it can also be a way to accentuate a dull swimming pool.

You can add a couple of chaise lounges, wooden deck chairs, or even an outdoor sofa. A bistro set can also be a good choice where you can enjoy a drink or two while watching.

Incorporate Water Features

You can indulge some of your pool fantasies by adding some water features without going overboard, unless, of course, it’s the same as the rest of the house. A small fountain or cascading mini-waterfall can definitely enhance the visuals of your pool.

Besides the aesthetics, these water features, especially the fountain, can curb the noise and have a more relaxing sound when around the pool. Waterfalls, on the other hand, works more like a sound barrier than anything else.

Remove the Eyesores

Sometimes, there’s nothing really wrong with your pool. All you need to do is to declutter. Pool toys, floats, and maintenance equipment can sometimes be left behind after use and can be an eyesore.

One way to solve this is through the use of decorative containers that match your pool theme. Typically, colors identified with water, such as teal, green, and beige, are the most ideal. Plastic baskets and boxes with intricate designs are an excellent choice, but you can also use multipurpose benches to hide clutter.

Parting Words

For some, swimming pools are a luxury that not everyone has a chance to experience; hence, the general notion that they are a plus factor in a property’s saleability. But as mentioned, it’s not always the case and can sometimes even negatively affect the asset’s market value.

Whatever the case may be, if the swimming pool is already existing, the best you can do as an owner is to make the most out of it. Whether a potential buyer of your property appreciates having a pool or not, one thing is for sure. No one is going to like a neglected one.

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