7 Storage Hacks for Moderately Sized Homes


With urban life becoming the order of the day and people adjusting in moderately sized homes, all of us have encountered the problem of storage space in our lives at some point or another. This is where storage hacks can come as a boon.

There are spaces in your rooms that lie unutilized and eventually just end up that way making them starkly conspicuous in your otherwise neat, tidy and welcoming abode. To obtain maximum benefit from them, one should learn to make the most of them so as to bring about some improvisation.

This article helps you with 7 storage hacks for moderately sized homes that can help you refurbish your home to your level best and make it functional as well as aesthetic. For more information, you can take some suggestions from the famous interior blogger Sanjay Jhunjhunwala. He is the CEO of sanjayjhunjhunwala.co.in based at Kolkata and will keep you informed with his varied blogs on interior designing.

Let us now proceed to discuss the 7 storage hacks for moderately sized homes.

1.Use the Corridor Storage Space

Corridor Storage Space
The corridor adjoining your living room is a neglected area that can be used effectively as a storage space. Why not put a small storage bench on the side where you can store your nick-nacks? This will also give you a place to sit and put on your shoes easily. This will become a multipurpose utility that can be a great help. Alternatively, you can also put an aesthetic showpiece on top so as to complete the look.

2.Put a Shelf in the Corridor Storage Space

Put a Shelf in the Corridor Storage Space
The corridor storage space can also be used effectively by putting a shelf where you can stack up your shoes and related accessories. You can also keep your umbrellas there away from public view. If there is enough space, you can use it as a place to keep your detergent soaps, phenyls, air fresheners and any other material required for washing and cleaning as well.

3.Put Storage Baskets Wherever Possible

Put Storage Baskets Wherever Possible
Storage baskets are very handy when you want to save storage space. They allow you to store a lot of things and look good too without damaging the aesthetic appeal of your room. The only thing to be kept in mind is that they should only be kept in corners in designated areas so that they don’t disturb the overall beauty of your room. You can also deck them up in the colors of your room. Color coordinating the baskets makes them blend with the surroundings, giving a classy appeal to the space.

4.Make the Most of Under Stair Storage

Make the Most of Under Stair Storage
This is a classic example of a storage space. The place under the stairs is highly neglected and is not given much importance. However, you can reap great dividends by converting it into a storage space so as to keep everything high and sundry under them. Just ensure not to keep combustibles like oils and oily rags, as that could be dangerous. Apart from that, as long as the articles are non-flammable, they can be stored under the stairs.

5.Add a Storage Headboard to Your Bed

Add a Storage Headboard to Your Bed
You can even modify your bedroom to add storage space while keeping the beauty intact. By adding a hollow headboard to your bed, you can make space for your books, blankets, extra cushions, and the like. This will also help you save the trouble of having separate bookcases and study tables to store your stationery and related paraphernalia. You can also make the headboard look brilliant with a golden color and floral designs that will give it an enhanced look.

6.Use the Space Beside Sliding Wardrobes

Use the Space Beside Sliding Wardrobes
Firstly, you need to have wardrobes with sliding doors in order to save more clothes in less space. Secondly, you can use the space between the wall and the wardrobe as a storage space where you can store items of daily use. You can even stack up a few hangers to keep clothing items like business suits which would normally take up a lot of space and cover it with a curtain. This will certainly enable you to store more clothes in less space.

7.Use the Space below Your Study Desk

Use the Space below Your Study Desk
Just put a wooden board below your study desk and use it to store anything small from batteries to bulbs and mobiles to chargers. This keeps them away from the public gaze and out of the reach of children. At the same time, it saves the space that would normally be required to keep these items.

So using the storage hacks in your home cleverly can certainly make your residence look more snazzy and welcoming!

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