Decorating Your Home According to Science


You must have read an entire section of articles suggesting ways in which you can decorate your room as per Feng-Shui,on contrary designing your home as per science sounds really absurd, isn’t it?

When we refer to science, we assume the most common scientific subjects such as chemistry, physics, and biology. A more advanced biology field known as neuroscience which deals with the scientific study of the nervous system when combined along with the field of architecture results in Neuroarchitecture.

This involves designing homes based on how the setting would stimulate the mind to ease your nerves. Science suggests that there are certain scents, accessories, and colors that trigger the happy side in you. Neuroarchitecture is all about building a home which is all about the people who would live in it.
Let us learn a few of the scientific techniques to decorate your home:

The Color of the Walls:

Color of the Wall
According to a certain study, hues of yellow and green-colored walls evoke the feeling of happiness in most of the people hence you can get your living and dining area painted in these colors. Blue-colored walls bring a sense of calm, peace and relaxation hence it is a good idea to get your bedroom walls painted in this color. Red color, on the other hand, arouses the brain more and makes you alert; hence your study room or office can be painted in shades of red color.

Plants and Fresh Flowers:

Plants and Fresh Flowers
Presence of plants and fresh flowers triggers the part of the brain which brings a sense of life which in turn connects to your happy emotion. Keep changing the flowers every day as you do not want to feel negative watching dead flowers. Placing a plant can also do wonders to uplift your entire mood.

Sentimental Photos

Sentimental Photos
Keeping sentimental photos in your desk and your nightstand can make you feel positive. Scientifically, such happy memories induce a sense of calm and make your mood overall happy.

Scented candles & Floral Scents:

Scented candles & Floral Scents
Scent can also induce a sense of peace and joy. It can help you get rid of your entire days stress. Keep scented candles lit after you are done with your work to achieve the zen in you.

Another effective method of boosting your sense of happiness is using floral air fresheners. Let me explain this to you scientifically. The scent receptors present in your nose are linked to the emotion determining part of your brain hence such scents give you a sense of joy.

A Clutter-Free Home

A Clutter-Free Home
Too much of stuff in a house creates a higher stress level in adults especially women. The more stuff in the house, the messier it can get. It is better not to own high density of objects at home. Over-decorating a house should be avoided. A neat, clean and spacious household triggers happy waves in your brain.

A clutter-free home includes keeping your bedroom neat. Make your bed as soon as you wake up instead of waiting to do it later. Scientifically, a messed-up bed gives you the feeling of unhappiness. It is better to get rid of the clutter and clean up your mess to maintain peace and calm your mind.

Be Around Patterns WhichYou Love:

If there are certain patterns which elevates your mood, it is always advisable to decorate at least one wall of your house, the way you love it. Neuroarchitecture is all about designing a home to create a visual of the space which triggers your brainwaves towards happiness.

A clean and stylish home is of no use if it does not make you happy. Decorate your home not as per the taste of your interior decorator but the way you want it to improve your chances of happiness because ultimately it is you who is going to live in the house.

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