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7 Reasons Why Choose Shutter Blinds than Curtains

7 Reasons Why Choose Shutter Blinds than Curtains

As you consider what types of window treatments exist to complement your interior decor, you may find yourself feeling genuinely confused about the benefits of each.

For example, what is the difference between traditional curtains versus shutter blinds? Would one be a better choice for your living room versus your bedroom? Are there cost or convenience aspects you should be considering?

In this blog post, we aim to demystify the differences between curtains and shutter blinds Brisbane by focusing on the advantages shutter blinds have to offer you. After you read this blog post you will know if shutter blinds or curtains is the best choice for your space.

1. Shutter blinds are more durable and long-lasting than curtains.

Shutter blinds are more durable and long-lasting than curtains

Today’s shutter blinds are treated to naturally resist stains, dust, damage, fading and wear and tear, whether installed on the inside or outside of your house.

Shutter blinds are simple and quick to install and remove and quite cost-effective, since in most cases they never need to be replaced over the life of the house.

2. Shutter blinds are more versatile and modern than curtains.

Whether you plan to remain in your house for many years to come or you are already starting to think about its resale value, there is no doubt shutter blinds are a trendier and more modern choice (despite that they have been around for longer than curtains have).

Interior shutter blinds can add glamour, elegance and style to any room. They come in different materials and many different colours to match existing interior decor.

Exterior shutter blinds can add visible protection and security to your home. For this reason, in many cases homeowners discover after the fact that choosing to install shutter blinds can also increase a home’s resale value while also lowering homeowner’s insurance premiums.

3. Shutter blinds are more permanent than curtains.

Shutter blinds on average are much more permanent than curtains, which typically will fade and degrade as the years pass. Eventually, they will begin to look dated and dull and will need to be replaced.

Contrast that with shutter blinds, which stay looking the same as the day they were installed due to how they are manufactured. They are also manufactured to resist humidity and moisture so their operation is never impeded by damage or warping.


4. Shutter blinds are easier to clean and maintain than curtains.

Shutter blinds need minimal cleaning and maintenance to stay looking their best. In homes with pets and small children, shutters can be an ideal alternative to more vulnerable and fragile curtains or blinds.

And because they are manufactured to resist light, heat, weather and humidity, they won’t discolor or warp over time.

5. Shutter blinds are more flexible for indoor/outdoor use than curtains.

Today’s modern shutter blinds come in a variety of styles and materials suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For example, in an indoor setting, you might prefer custom timber hardwood shutter blinds, synthetic or hybrid shutter blinds that are durable and long-lasting and add class and warmth to any room.

In an outdoor setting, you might opt for aluminum shutter blinds that are storm-grade and can help protect your house or workplace in any season or weather.

6. Shutter blinds offer more light control and privacy options than curtains.

Shutter blinds can be opened partially, fully or not at all to easily control the amount of light that can enter a room. This holds true for both outdoors and indoors shutter blinds.

In contrast, curtains typically only have two options: fully open or fully closed. This reduces your options for light control and privacy.

Shutter blinds are a better choice for room insulation than curtains

7. Shutter blinds are a better choice for room insulation than curtains.

Shutter blinds, which fit all the way around the window, are the best choice for insulating the windows in your home. If you are not ready to make the investment in energy efficient windows, shutter blinds offer you the next best option with a much more affordable price tag.

If you already have energy efficient windows at your home or workplace, choosing shutter blinds can serve to double your energy conservation and lower your monthly utility bills.

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