8 Effective DIY Pest Control Tips

Apart from sucking life off your pets, eating up all your food, dying around your residence and making the whole place smelly, and generally being a pain in the neck; What other good thing can a pest do? Nothing! Absolutely nothing, and from what your sad experience with them has apparently taught you, the best thing is to get rid of them.

Probably, you have no money left to hire a pest remover as you have spent all your earnings buying every new pesticide popping on TV. It is understandable. Here are Eight simple but extremely effectual do it yourself tips that will change your life instantly.

Get Rid Of Pest Food And Water Supply

Pests don’t stay where they can’t survive. The obvious reason they’re at your home, and are multiplying uncontrollably is because you are feeding and watering them unknowingly. Deny them that comfort. Dry all dishes before you arrange them back into the cupboard, find out what they eat, and dispose it off properly away from your home. Cockroaches particularly, eat sugar and flour among other things. Make sure you sweep clean any flour that spills on the floor as you cook.

You’ll be glad to watch roaches die of hunger and move to another kind household.

Get Rid Of Pest Food And Water Supply

Light Your Residence Properly

Dangerous pests like Scorpions like dark places. Having a dark neglected spot in your house is a warm welcome sign for them. Mark you, some of these pests, especially the dreaded snakes and scorpion can be born in your house and turn three years old unnoticed. They don’t even need your food, all they want is a quiet place under your wall art and calendar, the bottom un swept area of your shoe rack, and behind your book shelf.

Before your seven moth old Jenny bear stick her fingers right into the fangs of a black mamba, why don’t you do some proper lighting? Add more bulbs in the store, use light, brightly colored curtains and check the above mentioned areas at least twice every week.

Drain Stagnant Water

Sources include your kid’s toys, broken and poorly positioned gutters, roof leaks and clothes that have been soaked for a long time. These are breeding places for mosquitoes and other pests that like moist places.

Before spring fall, ensure all roof leaks have been repaired, gutters well positioned to drain all water and stuff like rotten wood all kept away; unless you want to share your house with ants.

Drain Stagnant Water

Introduce Some little Noise

The reason pests don’t show up during the day is that they can hear you talking to your friend in the living room. Rodents are not deaf. When the place is too quiet, they feel safer. Scare them a little with the radio while you’re away. It will be only a few days until they’re all gone.

Block All Penetrations

Check for cracks on your walls and holes at the corners of your house. Do necessary repair and painting. See if there’s any possible entry to your back yard. They’re very strong and creative enough to cut wire mesh bit by bit until it’s enough to penetrate through. Ideally, introduce an electric fence to your garden, and compound.

As you do so, remember to

Clear Unwanted Leaves From The Garden

To be able to get rid of those that you weren’t able to block, cut off all unwanted tree branches in your compound, remove sweep off dry flower leaves from your flower bed and vegetables garden, and make something important out of them. (Compost them to form manure for your garden) These are habitat for wild rabbits and squirrels.

Spray Pesticides Frequently Around Your Home

In some countries, there are government sponsored pesticide spraying sessions. Allow these people into your home. If they are not available in your country, organize for, and spray every part of your exterior and interior with an effective pesticide.

Make sure to clean afterwards and keep children and pets away until the strength of the pesticide subsides. Most companies indicate on their product show long you need to take before returning to a previously spayed house. While so doing, ensure all human and animal feeds are kept safely and safeguarded by tight lids. What a rat poison would do to a rat, is the same thing it does to a human, and the effect is twice on humans.

Spray Pesticides Frequently Around Your Home

Keep Animal Feed Away From Your House

The approximate distance between your house, and the store where you keep your chick mash is 200 feet (60.96 m) or more if possible. Keeping them close to your house invites pests coming to steal them to hide in your house. You can imagine the mess well animal feed is scattered all over your house. Mark you, most of these unwanted guests like bugs are associated with poor hygiene.

However, if your strict schedule can’t allow you do all these, feel free to look up to the fast and effective services of Empire Pest Control .

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