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7 Reasons to Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

7 Reasons to Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

In the past, the most consideration put into choosing cleaning products was about how quickly they could clean up a mess. In today’s more eco-conscious society, homeowners are more concerned about their cleaners’ contents and whether or not they are sustainable products.

You may wonder how naturally based products can clean as well as traditional chemical compounds. The truth is, not only can earth-based cleaners do the job, but they also have the extra benefits of being good for your home and the environment. Nature-based ingredients like vinegar and lemon are effective cleansers with a low environmental impact that is attractive to home cleaners.

Sustainable cleaners are more popular and widely available than ever before. Many companies have created products by harnessing the powers of natural compounds that will clean and sanitize your home quickly, easily, and safely. Let’s look at a few reasons to switch to natural cleaning products.


You only need to look at the warning labels on traditional chemical cleaners to know that you are dealing with dangerous substances. Poison, lye, and bleach can be hazardous to both your family and your pets. Not only do chemical products come with added perfume scents, but they also can leave toxic residue on your home’s surfaces. Natural cleaning products are based on non-corrosive ingredients that are gentle enough to keep your home clean and safe.

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Most of the calls directed to Poison Control across the country are made because a child or a pet has ingested some type of poison cleaning product. Whether traditional chemical cleaners are ingested directly or inhaled, pets and children are especially vulnerable because of their size and delicate physicality. Natural products are all water-based and pose little risk to the special members of your household.


When you switch over to natural cleaning products, you have the opportunity to share a learning moment with your children. Talk to them about the importance of integrating sustainable products into everyday life. Once you start using natural products and see how well they work without the chemical residues and danger, you will be able to share your discovery with friends and family. Encourage others in your circle to make the switch to natural cleaning products.


Traditional household cleaners contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are known to cause serious health problems. Using harsh chemical cleaners in your home releases these compounds into the air that your family breathes. VOCs can cause damage to your kidneys, liver, and central nervous system, causing a host of problems. With natural cleaning products, you will limit your interior air pollutants helping your family breathe safely.


When you use natural cleaning products, you will save more than just the environment. With the increase in popularity of eco cleaners, many manufacturers have now created their own blends, which have helped bring down the prices. It’s also possible to create your own naturally based cleansers at home with simple ingredients like vinegar and lemon. Natural cleaning products can be used for many different jobs, so you will save money on a shelf full of different products all meant for individual use.

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The most attractive draw towards natural cleaning products is their low impact on the environment. Wastewater from housecleaning that is packed full of harsh chemicals from traditional cleaners eventually leeches into the surrounding environment causing damage. When you choose natural products, you are making a conscious choice towards sustainability. Natural products are generally manufactured using responsible practices, contain biodegradable ingredients, and have a low impact on the environment.


When you use traditional chemical cleaners, you may get the job done a bit faster, but you can also leave toxic residue behind. There are many natural cleaners that do a great job, with less work, and leave no chemical trail behind. With chemical cleaners, you are often forced to carry an entire bucket full of different products with you around your home’s different rooms. Natural cleaning products are universal and can be used in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and bedrooms. This means that just one cleaner and a good cloth can do the work of a bucket load of chemical cleaners. 

We all want a home that is clean and safe for our families. When you choose natural cleaning products, you are not only making an eco-friendly choice, and you are helping to keep your home safe and healthy. Natural products don’t contain any harsh compounds that can be hazardous to your health; they work effectively and quickly and help improve your indoor air quality. Make the switch to natural cleaning products today to protect both your home and the planet. 

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