Why No Kitchen Is Complete Without a Cast Iron Skillet

Cast-iron pans have been around for some time, and their development and modernization has seen them range from cheap to super expensive. You will find cast iron skillets anywhere you go from supermarkets, cooking stores and your relatives’ kitchen. The equipment works wonders as you can use it to fry burgers, pancakes, and even eggs. 

Generally, it is one of the cookware that you feel you need to have in your kitchen.

How to Clean a Cast Iron Pan

There are various methods to remove grime or food from the cast iron. Generally, it would be best if you used something abrasive to remove the dirt without affecting the seasoning. You can use Best oil to season cast iron so it will be very easy for you to clean iron pan. 

How to clean a cast iron pan? The best way is to clean the pan while warm and later dry it with a towel. You will also need to place the skillet over the burner’s gentle heat to ensure all liquid has evaporated. You will also need to apply oil coating to prevent rusting and preserve the coat.  

So, What Exactly Is Cast Iron Skillet?

Iron Skillet3

This type of skillet is produced after molten iron is poured into sand molds. It is worth noting that the quantity and composition of these components could vary depending on the manufacturer. Similarly, the change in this composition affects the quality and weight of the finished skillet. 

In most cases, new skillets come with a textured surface because of the sand molds. However, the preference for a rough or smooth textured skill varies by the cook. Some prefer rough for its grip while others prefer smooth for ease in cleaning. 

How Do I Season?

Nowadays, most of the cast iron skillets are pre-seasoned from the factory. However, if you choose a non-seasoned pan, there is little needed from you to make it look perfect. 

Seasoning involves coating the pan with oil and ensuring that you form a protective layer. Seasoning is crucial as it prevents the skillet from corroding and maintains the slick surface. 

In case your pan is not seasoned or unsure whether your pan is seasoned, you need to wash the pan first. Then scrub it with soap using warm water and allow it to dry completely. 

Iron Skillet2

You can heat it to ensure it is scorched. You can now coat the pan with a layer of fat and heat it for about an hour. 

Why An Iron Cast Skillet?

  • They are affordable: A good quality iron cast skillet will go for around $20 at most local home-goods stores. Here you improve on quality without much expense.
  • They are durable: Cast iron pan is heavy equipment that would last long if cared for properly. Besides, the metallic bond provides the required resilience for common impacts, especially in falls. 
  • They are versatile: These pans can be used for different cooking techniques and prepare different food types. You can roast, broil, braise, bake, sear, pan-fry or sauté.

With cast iron pans you have a variety of options to meet all your kitchen needs. What you need is to understand the different varieties and what would best work for you.

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