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7 Creative Interior Design Tips for Small Living Rooms

7 Creative Interior Design Tips for Small Living Rooms

You would think that a small living room is already small enough and that you hardly need any decorations around. However, there are many interior design plans for both big and small rooms. With some ingenious ideas, you can really be able to pull off a perfect interior décor job in your small living room. Granted, it requires more thought than getting creative with a big room, but it is not impossible.

Here are 7 creative interior design tips for a small living room:

Get white furniture to match with the white walls

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Instead of bashing your head thinking what you will do with your white walls to give them some life, just stop bothering too much about them. Instead, just get white furniture to compliment the walls. The color white serves almost the same purpose as a mirror – that of enhancing the illusion of space. At the same time, white enhances a feeling of cleanliness and frankly, you cannot afford to let stains form on white furniture and walls. It will inspire you to clean more often.

Mix and match your textiles

Textiles bring color, warmth and ambience into a room. Thus, do not keep the couches bare. Give them a splash with some patterned cushions. A multicolored rug should also help a great deal. If you can get a Turkish rug, it will help increase the warmth of your living room.

Add some plants

Add some plants
Bringing nature indoor is one of the 2019 interior design trends and therefore you cannot afford to miss having some plants indoors. Because you do not have much space, it would be better not to crowd the space with plants. Rather, just get a leafy one and set it in the most visible position. You may also add a forest theme with a pot of fern.

Narrow and sectional sofas for narrow spaces

Narrow living rooms are a bother to get the decoration right, but again, it is not impossible. You may have to do more footwork to get a leaner sofa to fit the space with room to spare. Try to look for a sofa that is long and lean. Even if it will take up most of the wall, it will still seat many people.

Lift the spirits with some accents

Lift the spirits with some accents
Accents make a bland space look exciting and thrilling. By accents, we mean that instead of having an all-wood table, you can try for one that has metal legs and frame. Also try a rug with subtle colors as well as a sofa with fancy legs. A metal stool on which your pot of daffodils will stand should give your small living room a nice touch.

Try dark furniture for white walls

While we also discussed the white furniture for white walls effect, you can also bring about a stunning effect with dark furniture for white walls. However, dark furniture does not mean entirely black or dark blue. A gray couch can match very well with white walls. The couch can then be complemented with patterned cushions. The effect is stunning.

Buy furniture depending on the size of the room

Buy furniture depending on the size of the room
There is small space and then there is extra small. The sectional sofa that we discussed earlier may not be good for all small living rooms, especially when yours is extra small. You can even get a two-seater sofa, a retractable coffee table and stools that you can use as extra seats or small tables depending on the occasion.

Let the light in

Nothing could be worse than a small room and poor lighting. Thus, keep all the taller items out of the window’s way. When it is summer, get lighter curtains and let the light stream in even when the windows are closed.


You need to be creative to accommodate all the things you need in a small living room. If you are not an expert interior designer, you can hire qualified professionals do the interior designs for your rooms. If you are from Santa Barbara, the Santa Barbara interior design firms can take care of your designing needs. You may want to replicate any interior design Santa Monica in your home as it is home to some of the most luxurious homes with best interior designs.

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