What are Brick Slips? What is its Size or Thickness?

“What exactly are brick slips?” This is probably one of the biggest questions you have today. Usually called brick tiles, they are basically thin cuts of real brick, though in some ways they can be from purpose-made brick tiles. They are commonly utilized in replicating the appearance of a conventional brick wall, which is popular in either internal or external applications.

Brick slips London are primarily used for enhancing the aesthetical value. It has become a popular choice because it is quick and easy to do, not mention how cost-effective it is compared to others. What is more, they come with a handful of performance benefits, most of which are similar to those of brick. In other words, they are also durable, breathable, energy-efficient, and non-combustible among others.

So, let’s say you are interested in using it for whatever purpose it may serve. It is important to have an idea or two about brick slips sizes. With that said, here is everything you need to know about it from the get-go.

Brick Slips Sizes Basics

Brick Slips Sizes Basics

Brick slips are usually manufactured in an attempt to match the standard conventional metric dimensions, which are none other than 65mm tall and 215mm wide. However, there are some cases when these dimensions are not necessarily taken into consideration. That is because some brick slip manufacturers can provide you with more bespoke imperial or, in other words, non-standard choices. If this is what you are looking for, it is important to sit down with your chosen company and discuss your brick slip size needs or wants.

As far as the brick slip’s thickness is concerned, the standard typically includes different sizes.

This could be anything from 15mm to 20mm to 25mm. However, this could not be the case as well from time to time. Let’s say the slips are being produced through a cut from a standard brick. If this happens, flexibility can exist, giving you a minimum of 15mm or more.

Manufacturing Brick Slips

Manufacturing Brick Slips
A general rule of thumb is to produce brick slips one of two ways. For starters, they can be easily cut right from the very face of a standard brick. This method, in particular, refers to the more traditional process of producing brick slips. And what makes it appeal is its ability to provide flexibility when it comes to the slips thickness.

Another method used in manufacturing brick slips can be likened to the process of using standard wire-cut brick production. Basically, there is a column of extruded clay that is equally divided into what is required for the slip’s thickness. This is done strategically even before being kiln fired.

And while this has always been a more cost-effective production approach, it is not as flexible as the aforementioned. Hence, many prefer to choose the first method than this one right here.

Benefits of Using Brick Slips

Benefits of Using Brick Slips
If you want to improve the overall aesthetic value and feel of your property, then you can never go wrong with brick slips. That is because they simply offer you a deluge of impressive benefits. They are listed below:

Cost-Effective–Yes, that is right – they are arguably much less expensive when compared to real bricks. As such, they can easily become a perfect way to completely revamp your home’s look and feel. What is best, you can achieve all of these without the worry of busting your budget.

DIY is Possible–This is another area in which brick slips become a worthy investment. They can significantly help you save money. Why exactly? That is because you can install them yourself! If you are strictly low on budget, there is no need to hire a professional to install them. They are really easy to DIY!

Light-Weight–Since slips tend to weigh far less than bricks, they can easily be utilized when it comes to surfaces that do not offer substantial foundations. Think of those non-weight bearing walls.

Slim and Streamlined–Thanks to their slim design, these slips do not have to take so much of your valuable real estate space.

Eclectic–Brick slips are capable of accommodating different types of looks. If you want a classy one, it can get the job done. If you are into a cool contemporary feel, it can still get the job done.

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