6 Tips to Design Your Airbnb

Airbnb guests look for clean and accommodating spaces, whether they are business travelers or families on vacation. Airbnb interior design can help increase your bookings; an Airbnb host who can create an appealing space for guests will have an edge over the other properties in their area.

But home decorating doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Moreover, Airbnb interior design is not the same as decorating your home. You’ve got to appeal to a wider variety of people – even if you go niche. But no matter what look you’re going for, these decorating tips will help increase your Airbnb bookings.

Light it up!

Not everyone likes tons of light in their living room, but the option to have light will make guests feel secure. Most guests also want to have natural light during the day. If your Airbnb offers incredible views of nature, you’ll definitely want to capture that in your photos. Get good quality window treatments (like curtains) and invest in unique fixtures like track lighting, which provide more light and look trendier.

Keep it minimal

Keep it minimal

Guests like space, because it allows them to stretch out during their stay. Rooms crowded with furniture pieces and personal items make guests feel invaded or guilty about encroaching on someone else’s home. Keep furnishings to a minimum. For example, a couch, two chairs, and end tables in a living room are sufficient. Knick-knacks are fine for accents but don’t overdo it.

Add some color to the bedroom

Nondescript bedrooms suggest that a host has not put effort into interior design. This is your chance to maximize selling power with just a touch of color. Keep the color scheme consistent; for example, you’ll get huge interior design points if the comforter, pillows, and curtains all match. Find some neutral paintings or pictures (topics such as nature, landscapes, or skylines) that match the color scheme of the furnishings. Think of the way a hotel room looks, and try to get your bedroom to have that same vibe.

Create an outdoor space for eating and playing

One advantage an Airbnb has over a hotel is a private outdoor space. A pleasant yard, garden, or patio can be great for unwinding with drinks or enjoying a family meal. You don’t need an acre-sized yard with a pool to increase your Airbnb booking power: even a small space can be pleasantly landscaped. This is especially important if your Airbnb is in a location where the climate is a selling point. A nice patio table and chair set with an umbrella, surrounded by a few potted plants, can go a long way.

Avoid getting too personal

You want your Airbnb to feel like home, but you don’t want to get too personal. Avoid expensive antiques that can get broken and result in disputes. Avoid anything that could offend certain guests, like religious items or anything that might be construed as graphic or distasteful. If you are pursuing a niche demographic and want to push the envelope of interior design – such as painting the walls bright red and putting up pop culture art – consult with a professional designer.
Avoid getting too personal

Make it Instagrammable

You want your Airbnb interior design to be memorable from the front door to the back door—and something that guests want to post on Instagram. You can even leave a memo for them on the property or in your electronic communications to post pictures of their stay on Instagram, using specific branded hashtags. If you want some ideas of what looks are trending, look at magazines like Architectural Digest or browse images under hashtags like #hotel #hotelroom or #airbnb.


Many Airbnb hosts wonder if investing time and money into Airbnb interior design is worth it. If you want to know the answer, go onto Airbnb and look at the most frequently booked properties. You will see that they look like a great place to stay. You can keep your Airbnb looking good and prevent wear and tear by keeping it regularly clean and staying on top of minor repairs. A cleaning fee that accompanies each booking will help you protect the investment you’ve made in making your Airbnb stand out from the competition.

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