Hospitality Employee Motivation Mini-Guide


Employee Motivation

The key strength of a business is its people. In the case of the hospitality business, your people are everything. They are the ones who make your clients feel like a superstar and keep them coming back. But let’s be honest, working in hospitality can be emotionally labor intensive (and physically too). Here is our mini-guide to keeping your best at their best!

Good Pay for Good Work

Good Pay for Good Work
Compensation definitely affects how motivated your people are to perform their daily tasks. If employees trust that the pay they receive is on a par with industry standard, they will have at least the baseline motivation to give their best every workday. On the other hand, if employees sense that they’re underpaid compared to their peers, look out! This will act as a demotivator and your customers will feel the pain in the form of lackluster and half-hearted performance from your staff.

Job security

Job security ranks up there with wages as one of the most influential motivational factors among employees. If you’ve ever worked for a company where they have had to do staff layoffs, then you understand the importance of job security. If employees feel their jobs are secure, they will have the time to concentrate on company goals. It is, however, different if they believe their jobs are at risk, they will not be able to give their best as they start to devise alternate ways to get the rent paid.

Communication Systems

Communication is at the center of any successful hospitality organization. Proper communication among employees between departments keeps every aspect running smoothly. Creating systems and communication protocols is essential to ensuring important information gets communicated clearly and efficiently. If your employees are constantly confused due to lack of communication, it can make for an unpleasant work environment that can also affect your customers’ experience.

Good Working Conditions

General working conditions can motivate employees. Your staff will perform best when they can feel at ease while performing their daily duties. You can achieve this through the following ways.

  • Declutter work areas. Use commercial storage solutions like GAM to put the material you’re not using in storage.
  • Adequate staff. An insufficient number of employees will mean some members of your staff will have to do extra work, which is not very motivating. Sufficient staffing provides everyone with a suitable time to concentrate on their tasks.
  • Staff Rotation. The hospitality business has a wide range of departments; you can use this to your advantage. To avoid boredom or laxity, ensure to move your staff around to draw the best out of everyone.
  • Create a rapport with your employees. Ask them what they need, listen to everyone, and let your folks feel cared for.

Appreciate Excellent Work

Appreciate Excellent Work
Recognizing excellent work acts as a source of motivation and it pushes employees to want to give their very best every workday. Many hospitality organizations recognize and reward an employee every week, month, or year. This way, the individual who has done excellent work throughout those periods is compensated for their hard work. Owning the title employee of the month motivates some employees to earn that recognition. You can also appreciate excellent work by promoting exceptional employees to new positions with better pay.

Your employees are an essential part of your hospitality business. Ensuring they are motivated translates to assuring your success. With this in mind, the above ways are the best methods you can use to make sure of their motivation.

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