6 Steps to Follow When Installing Millboard

Millboard is a great material to build your deck in with tons of benefits from its quality to its eco-benefits. When you purchase Millboard you are taking your deck to the next level. Millboard transforms the average deck into an exceptional deck. A deck that can become a centerpiece in your backyard.

77% of homeowners felt a major sense of accomplishment after completing a deck project. Not only that, but 77% also felt a greater desire to be home once completing the project. Home is where the heart is and the heart would be a little brighter with a good looking deck.

The benefits of a Millboard installation are endless and now that you have the Millboard it is time to install it. With a subframe in place (assuming you removed the original planks) and 6 easy steps you can have your Millboard installed and your deck looking good.

1. Safety First

Safety should always be your number one concern when doing tasks that may involve injury. During a 5-year period, a study showed that there were over 224,000 injuries from deck related incidents. You do not want to be a statistic. Safety is paramount, from drilling a hole into your hand to cutting your forearm, the risk involved can be mitigated by taking certain precautions.
Safety First

The first thing you should do is wear gloves. You will be handling power tools and dealing with objects that may lead to cuts. Couple those gloves with a long sleeve shirt to maximize the protection of your arms. You do not want to risk an injury to your hands or arms.

Your arms are important and need to be protected but so do your eyes. Eye damage can be permanent and overlooking this can lead to serious consequences. Safety goggles are required when cutting wood. Sawdust has the potential to fly into the eyes and damage the eye while in the process of cutting. Protect yourself and wear the necessary safety gear.

2. Screwing in the Frame

Screwing is going to be the name of the game when it comes to the Millboard installation. Proper screwing techniques involves pushing down onto the board while drilling in the screw. Make sure not to be holding the screw when using the power drill at full power. Once again safety is paramount so be cautious when operating the power drill.

When screwing in the planks it is recommended that one is utilizing proper screws and power tools. Prepare the screws by spraying them lightly with a silicon spray. This will help the screw penetrate the Millboard easier. The screw should be screwed in 5 mm beneath the surface of the wood which would secure the plank properly while concealing the screw.

3. Edging the Deck

To begin you want to lay down and install the frame of the deck. This process known as, edging, begins with forming the edge of the deck.

To properly install the corner pieces one needs to cut the joining planks at a 45-degree angle. After cutting the pieces properly you should have the necessary preparation to form the perimeter of the deck.

Place the boards in the desired location. Attach the boards to each other using wood glue. When the frame is set then begin to install the boards by drilling the screws into the frame. Once everything is set, glued, and screwed the perimeter should be secured and finished.

4. Filling in the Frame

Filling in the Frame
The perimeter is now complete. What’s next is dealing within the perimeter itself. This process of laying the Millboard within the perimeter is called filling out the frame. The goal is to place the Millboard planks in an orderly manner that fits within the frame while maintaining the proper guidelines.

When filling the frame you want to cover at least 3 joists of the subframe. Fill the frame accordingly while maintaining that 3 joist minimum through proper cutting and placement of the Millboard. 2 mm spacing is the desired space between the boards. Glue the planks together when forming the rows. Once everything is properly laid out, screw in the planks.

5. Steps and Facia

Installing the step is a straightforward process much like installing the other planks. Simply place the board in the desired area and screw in the pieces. Use your edging technique for wrap around steps and use glue when joining the planks.

Installing the fascia is also just as easy as installing steps. Simply cut and place the wood in the necessary location. Once everything is laid out, glue the wood to the subframe and screw in the Millboard with 2 screws at the top and bottom quartile forming a column in which each column is separated at around 300 mm of distance.

6. Cleaning and Completion

Properly clean the board after the installation of the Millboard. A simple cloth, water, and a cleaning agent should do the trick when wiping down the deck. Once all the dirt and grime are washed off you now have a great looking deck for all your fun outdoor activities.

That said, a deep clean can be done later down the line to keep your deck looking brand new.

The deck brings the home together. It connects your home to nature and can be used for a variety of different things. To keep your deck looking good, proper maintenance needs to be done and one of the main things is cleaning. Having a clean deck will keep that deck looking new and fresh.
Cleaning and Completion

A Great Deck Makes a Great Time

Having a great, beautiful deck is something to be proud of. Having a great, beautiful deck that you built yourself is something to be more proud of. Being able to feel the satisfaction of installing the deck yourself is a great feeling of accomplishment and that feeling can be relived over and over every time you look at your deck.

The deck is an extension of your home and you want your home looking good. Having Millboard installed not only makes the deck look good, but also keeps it looking good for years to come. This guide gives you the ability to fully enjoy the benefits of a Millboard deck while saving on installation costs. So enjoy the process and enjoy your new deck.

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