6 Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Tips For Savvy Homeowners

Whether in a big or small house, the two busiest places are always the kitchen and bathroom. You spend a lot of time in these areas, so it’s essential to keep them well-kept and nicely designed. With creative design, you can turn your kitchen or bathroom into gorgeous and enjoyable spaces in your home.

Imagine pampering yourself in a beautiful bathroom where you can take your time and just enjoy the moment. Feels good, right? In contrast, a cluttered and ugly bathroom can make you feel uncomfortable and stressed. It’s the same with a messy and unpleasant kitchen. When you’re cooking or having a good meal in the kitchen, the disorganized surroundings may make you lose your focus and relish.

You want these spaces to look their best, not just for guests but for you and your family. Your home is where you live; you do yourself a favor when you work on making it better. But remodeling your kitchen and bathroom can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start.

Thankfully, these tips below will make the whole process more manageable for you, giving you a few remodeling ideas and inspiration.

1. Get The Professional Services You Need

Remodeling isn’t just about repainting or bringing in new furniture. So much work goes into it, some of which are difficult to do, especially if you’re not too familiar with the power tools and each procedure.

Selecting a reputable service provider can be challenging, but it’s the best way to go if you’re not well-versed in home improvement. It’d be best to hire contractors who specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, like MacLaren Kitchen and Bath Company. It’s possible to DIY it, but you’ll have to take time to learn how to do it and practice using the tools. Unfortunately, you might also risk damaging your bathroom or kitchen if you do it all by yourself. It’s far safer to hire contractors so you can get complicated tasks done without a hitch!

2. Prioritize Your Needs

Another tip is to prioritize your needs over what’s ideal. It might be tempting to redesign it according to the quintessential interior design you see in magazines, but it’s not going to do you any favor if you don’t consider other important factors, such as functional design or layout. Each household has its own needs for a kitchen and bathroom—these usually depend on the users’ lifestyle. Sometimes, this lifestyle just won’t line up with the designs you find online or in a magazine. So it’s better to take these designs as inspiration and adjust them according to your needs at home.

3. Know What To Avoid

As much as you’re learning what you should do, know that it’s equally helpful to be familiar with what to avoid when remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. One of the worst things you might do when remodeling a space is to be impulsive with your decisions, which may drastically affect the overall design of the area. It can also be wasteful or cause more limitations to your budget. When remodeling your kitchen or bath, you should have your plans ready even before the job begins to avoid forgetting anything that should be present in the space, such as your storage.

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4. Make A Mood Board

Making a mood board is an excellent way for you to form a vision. You can save things you like, such as lighting, furniture, wallpaper, paint, or even drapes. But just because you want these specific pieces on their own doesn’t mean they’ll all look good together.

Making decisions can be made easier with a mood board because you can visualize pictures and colors to see if they can match well through it. You’ll want to use color schemes before collecting photos to help you plan out your mood board, especially if you’re not confident about matching different colors.

5. Consider Dimensions

One of the most critical steps you should never forget is considering dimensions. You should know what fixtures and other accessories to include, as well as their length and width. This enables you to calculate well whether or not your space can accommodate everything you want to place inside.

By considering dimensions, you’ll also be able to avoid overstuffing the space, especially if you have a small kitchen or bathroom. Know the area of your space and prioritize components that make it functional. It’s also a good practice to keep things simple and minimal.

6. Know Where Waterproofing Is Needed

Water and plumbing are always involved in kitchens and bathrooms, so you can’t just use regular materials for spots that often get wet. You’ll need to use suitable materials, and use a waterproofing service, especially for the sink, lavatory, floor tiles, wall tiles, and backsplash. Due to excess moisture in these areas, you’ll probably want to use materials that can also resist mold growth or water damage.


Remodeling is a serious project to undertake, so you’ll need to plan and prepare accordingly. Without proper preparation, a good vision, and the right contractor, you’ll risk making your bathroom and kitchen worse than their current condition. The best tips you can keep in mind are to commit yourself to the project and start only when you already have a solid plan and resources for it. It can get stressful at first, but once you see the outcome of the project, you’ll realize how everything’s worth it.

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