Everything There is to Know to Design and Build a Luxury and Quality Walk-in Closet


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Over the years, having a walk-in closet at home where you can sort clothes by garments, by styles and by colours is becoming more and more common and everyone’s dream.

The interest in fashion and being up to date has made our wardrobes grow and that we do not simply settle for a piece of furniture to store our garments, but today we need a space destined to store and dress.

The first thing that must be considered when designing a perfect luxury walk-in closet is the space available for it. It is not the same to have a whole room as a small space available. From there, you can combine and organise the space using some elements or others depending on the size and distribution.


First of all, is required to find the ideal place to create our dressing room, it must be a practical place, not too far from our bedroom.

The dressing rooms can be adapted to multiple places, in the bedroom, bathroom or an adjoining room, but with no doubt, the best place to place a dressing room is between the bedroom and the bathroom (if space allows it). In this way, we will have an “isolated” space destined only for the placement of our clothes. Having it between the bathroom and the bedroom is the ideal place since it will facilitate our clothing without disturbing our life partner.

Tip: For small spaces, you can use a closet (without doors) as a dressing room, try adding some auxiliary shelves.


Once the area is chosen, we must know how to make the most of its space.

If we have a huge dressing room, we can place a chest of drawers in the middle to place accessories or a bench to put on and take off your shoes.

For small dressing rooms in a room, make the furniture to measure. It will allow you to take advantage of every corner and divide the space in the way that suits you best. You can also go for modules that will allow you to play and create different compositions for your dressing room.

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The functionality of a dressing room begins with order, so placing the garments that are most used at first glance is essential, relegating the highest areas or those of lesser use of the dressing room to garments that do not correspond to the season or that we use less.

To optimize space, a good resource is to incorporate large size drawers as they provide comfort and are more practical when viewing the garments. Space should be allocated to hang dresses and suits, too.

Therefore, space must be divided into two different areas (one for smaller garments and another for longer garments).

The provision of accessories for daily use such as scarves, ties, hats and caps, belts, underwear, as well as jewellery should also be taken into account.

Something that can not be missing in a dressing room is a shoe rack. We need a place to put all our shoes well ordered and at sight. It can be a closed piece of furniture or shelves.

Tip: to have an excellent organization we must think about what things we want to keep, for example, if we wear ties, and have many watches, where will we keep them?

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While natural light is the most suitable for this type of space and any in a house in general, another trend resource that helps to visualize clothing items more quickly is to incorporate LED lights inside the cabinets.

Once we have already placed the practical and functional domains of our walk-in closet, it is time to leave it astonishing considering the most aesthetic aspects. So here are 5 extra tricks!

Tip 1. To add warmth to our dressing room, it is essential to place a rug or a carpet in the middle. You must consider the proportion of the stay.

Tip 2. If you want your dressing room to be brighter, place a mirror near a window. This will provide more light inside the room. In addition, the mirror will help you see the daily outfits.

Trick 3. It is essential not to saturate the dressing room with clothes. It will look much more elegant when there are still some free spaces (I am not saying that you leave it empty, but it is not necessary to fill it until the whole space is completely packed).

Tip 4. To have the feeling of a tidier walk-in closet, we can incorporate baskets, or boxes to store small items or accessories. In this way, we will achieve a much “cleaner” visual space.

Tip 5. It is convenient to choose neutral tones, noble woods, and lacquers in light tones to visually expand the spaces and leave prominence to the clothes.

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