6 Cool Last-Minute Gifts For The Music Lover

Gift giving is a vital part of human interaction. It not only helps to define relationships, but also fortifies bonds with friends and family. It’s a hands-on way to show interest, appreciation and make someone feel special. When out there looking for a gift for someone in your life, you must know what he or she likes beforehand. This will ensure that they will love the gift. In this segment, we’ve outlined six cool last-minute gifts for the music lover:

A waterproof, high-powered portable bluetooth speaker

A waterproof, high-powered portable bluetooth speaker

If your loved one likes to take the party everywhere, including in the rain or poolside, then they will love a waterproof, high powered portable blue tooth speaker as a gift. You can walk to a music store and buy them the JBL Charge 3, a powerful waterproof Bluetooth speaker that delivers 360 degrees sound. It has a long battery life, is made of a durable fabric and comes in a rugged casing. And the fact that it’s Bluetooth-enabled means they can connect it to any Bluetooth enabled device.

5th Generation Singstand MKS –SS5 Home Karaoke system

Any music enthusiast would love a karaoke machine as a gift. While there are many cool karaoke machines out there to buy and gift a music lover in your life, the 5 Generation Singstand MKS –SS5 Home Karaoke system will cause him to love you more. Unlike other karaoke machines, the 5 Generation Singstand MKS –SS5 Home Karaoke system mimics a simple microphone with a stand, which means it won’t take up much of the space in your room. It also comes with various accessories, automatic voice control, and can connect to a TV or Smartphone. You can buy this karaoke machine here.

Blue Yeti Nano Podcasting microphone

Blue Yeti Nano Podcasting microphone
Most music lovers have a thing for podcasting, which makes podcasting microphone a great gift for any music lover. Podcasting microphones are designed to produce quality sound that makes you sound like a Pro. Besides podcasting, you can use it for Skype calls, game streaming, Music or YouTube. It’s easy to set up, which means you won’t have to hire a sound engineer to set it up for you. However, for music recording at home, a condenser microphone would be the best choice. You can further explore your options at MusicCritic to help you find the best value for your money when choosing gifts for your music lover loved ones.

A pair of Apple airpods wireless earbuds

If your loved one likes convenience, then he or she will love the Apple Airpods wireless earbuds as a gift. Besides offering convenience when listening to music, they are very easy to plug into the ear because they are lightweight and automatically pair with their Smartphone. Plus, they’ll conveniently fit in your ears.

They are easy to set up for your devices, offers quick access to Siri and charge quickly in their cases. You can charge the case in two ways: wirelessly with a Qi-compatible or with the Lightning connector. Apple Airpods are also compatible with Bluetooth. That means you can connect your Apple Airpods with a Bluetooth-enable device faster and effortlessly. And because they don’t have cables, they are more comfortable to wear and walk around with than the traditional wired headphones.

The Learn to Play Piano DVDs

The Learn to Play Piano DVDs
Any new music lover wants to know how to play the piano. However, piano classes can be expensive. You can dodge that cost and fulfill your loved one’s dream of knowing how to play the piano by gifting them The Learn to Play Piano DVDs collection. It’s a 12 DVD collection that includes piano playing tips and techniques. The lessons are led by Scott Houston, the revered host of the TV series �’The Piano Guy.’’ He’s also an Emmy Award-winning TV host. The Learn to Play Piano DVDs collection is designed for beginners, but includes insightful tips that can help any experienced piano player to take their Piano playing skills to the next level. For just $49, you get your hands on this The learn to Play Piano DVDs.

Music streaming subscription

The internet and technology have dramatically changed the way people buy and listen to music. Unlike 10 years ago when you had to buy physical media to listen to music, subscription-based streaming technology, such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora has made it easier to buy and listen to music. You can download and listen to any kind of music in the comfort of your home. You only need your listening device, an internet connection, and a subscription payment and you’re good to go. The good thing is that these subscriptions are not expensive. For example, Apple Music membership subscription goes for $9.99 per month. That means you’ll need to pay $60 for a six-month membership subscription. Gifting your loved one a one-year membership subscription can be an unforgettable thing you can do.

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