Top Five Kitchen Appliances to Include in Your Modern Kitchen

Do you remember those days when you had to do everything from laundry to washing dishes by hand? Well, home appliances have made house chores so much easier thanks to technology. The kitchen specifically has gotten a complete overhaul with things like dishwasher, toaster, tortilla presses, slow cookers and ovens. But if you want a kitchen that portrays the modern person that you are, here are top 5 kitchen appliances you should consider;

1. Coffee maker

Coffee maker

Gone are the days where you had to mix coffee and hot water in a cup. Today, a coffee maker is an essential appliance in every kitchen, office, and even hotel rooms because everybody needs a fix in the morning. These small appliances come with settings that help you make a specific flavor and measure how strong your coffee will be. Some of them do more than just making you a cup of coffee. For example, this Ninja Coffee Bar system uses IQ technology to brew iced tea or espresso-style beverages, and it even has built-in frothier if you want a cappuccino.

2. Food processor

The modern person is all about juicing and making smoothies to go with because they are busy. Nothing makes your work easier than a food processor. You can throw in your fruits and vegetables and have a healthy smoothie in a few minutes. Unlike a blender, a food processor can chop even the hardest fruits and veggies like apples and carrots.

3. Electric grill

Electric grill
There is a lot to be said about the regular charcoal grill that gives the meat that smoky smell. However, if you want to grill some beef fast without all the ceremonies of an outdoor grill, you can invest in an electric grill. It is smoke-free and easy to clean so you can quickly make dinner in the house and clean up without much hassle. The best thing about grilled food is that it’s much healthier than fried food, and it still tastes amazing.

4. Steam oven

Steam cooking is the best way to retain nutrients and flavor, especially if you are making meats and vegetables. A steam oven is also high-speed, and it does not occupy too much space. However, you can buy a multi-tasking oven that has a multitude of other methods of cooking like a conventional grill, warming drawer, and gas burners.

5. Rice cooker

Rice cooker
Few things are more embarrassing than serving over cooked rice to your guests. You can now make the perfect rice without having to overthink on how much water and heat is sufficient thanks to the rice cooker. With the touch of a button, this small appliance will showcase your cooking skills and melt all your stress away.

There are plenty of other kitchen appliances that you can add to your kitchen, but these five are a must-have for the modern home. They not only help you make work easier but also cook nutritious and tasty meals that the entire family will enjoy. They are easy to use, easy to clean and don’t use too much power, so your energy bill won’t suffer.

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