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5 Ways to Transform Your Home on a Budget

5 Ways to Transform Your Home on a Budget

Most home improvement projects are put on hold because of the high cost. House renovations can drain your money faster than you can possibly imagine. But then, a rundown home that is filled with unnecessary junk and clutter can be mood-ruining. You deserve to live in a home that has modern designs, furniture, wall colors, and interior décor. Your kitchen and bathroom need to be stylish and functional and so should your bedrooms and living rooms. Besides, home renovation can increase your home’s resale value significantly. You simply cannot wish away property makeover.

If you are planning to transform your home soon, you need to find ways to make that happen without hurting your financial life. It is imperative that you go through possible expenditure holes and seal the ones that you can. You will achieve that by following these simple tips:

1. Redo your outdated kitchen

Many homeowners swear that kitchen remodeling is the most costly renovation among all home renovations. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A complete overhaul of your kitchen appliances, storage facilities such as kitchen cabinets, walls, countertops, and lighting, among other upgrades, could cost an average homeowner thousands of dollars. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t small and inexpensive upgrades that can transform your kitchen into a brighter, bigger, more organized, stylish and contemporary kitchen.
Redo your outdated kitchen

To give your kitchen a welcoming feel, you need to work on your lighting. Remove the outdated, dim lights and replace them with warmer and brighter modern bulbs. You don’t need to break walls or expend the kitchen windows for the room to look brighter. Changing the wall, cabinet, and furniture colors, on the other hand, is a cost-effective way of giving your kitchen a refreshing new look.

2. Bring in some green

Green indoor plants add a new life and organic element to your living spaces. And because you can get these plants for free from your garden, this is arguably the cheapest house facelift that you can ever do. These plants are also natural air purifiers, so you can bet that your indoor air quality will improve as the plants grow. And if you grow an herb garden indoors, you can always add the herbs to your kitchen recipes.

Adding green doesn’t have to be planted. You can add dead plants or paint some of the walls green and still get the liveliness vibe that life plants bring.

3. Add an en suite shower room

Have you added an en suite to your master bedroom? Well, if you haven’t, it is important that you do in order to improve your privacy. An en suite bathroom will improve your home’s functionality and reduce time wastage in the morning. The good thing is that adding such a shower room doesn’t cost much as all you will need is a small space of approximately 1M by 3M, a small shower tray, and a basin. The dividing material can be as simple as timber or metal framed stud wall. Bathroom remodeling might also require you to install an in-floor drain, but that doesn’t cost much either.

4. Update your window treatments

If your windows look dirty and outdated, the overall look of your home is jeopardized. Change those dirty blinds and replace them with the more stylish window treatments. Get rid of those dated curtain boxes and install the more contemporary curtain rods. While at it, replace those dated curtains with newer ones. That will cost you less than $200 per room. If, on the other hand, the panes are cracked and letting in unwanted outdoor air, you should replace them as well. That won’t cost you much and once you do it that can add value to your home and if there ever comes a time you decide to sell your house.
Update your window treatments

5. Replace dingy and stained carpet

Your carpet is probably one of the first things your guests see immediately after they sit down. Maybe you like to vacuum them regularly to ensure that they aren’t stained or dingy. It could be you even pay professional cleaners to clean the carpets for you. What you probably don’t know is that no amount of professional cleaning will renew the carpet once it is in its worst possible form. Just replace it and while at it, ensure that your new carpet has stain protection features included and that its color matches with the other indoor decorations.


Let’s face it: If we had the money, we would make our homes both stylish and relaxing by paying for sophisticated renovations. We would even improve the technology in our homes and align all our machines with the latest smart technology. But as much as that is the dream, there is no point in sitting pretty and waiting for the day you will get a disposable income to redecorate your home. Start transforming your home already using the discussed budget renovation tips. When considering renovating your house GVD renovations holds that: it is really necessary to take into account all of the available options.

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