5 Top Hotel Amenities for Business Travelers


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Business travelers have different needs than ordinary travelers. Some things always remain the same. For example, all travelers need a bed.

If you’re traveling for business or hosting business travelers, it’s good to be familiar with the unique amenities for business travel.

Knowing these amenities can help you better plan your trip or organize your business. Here is a list of the perks business travelers want most.


Business travelers are already traveling, so they don’t want to commute to work. Being close to the office is particularly important, especially for short stays.

Having an ideal location is particularly important for new business travelers. They are probably unfamiliar with the area.

New business travelers are also probably nervous about giving a presentation in an unfamiliar environment. They’ll want to get to know the area as quickly as possible. That’s why many hotels are adjusting to business travelers offering discounts and additional services. For example, the best hotels in Charlotte offer corporate rates with recreational facilities, accessible meeting rooms, plenty of power outlets, fast wifi, etc.

Proximity to good restaurants and sightseeing locations is also important. Business travelers need to relax, too. They don’t want to have to travel across town to find a good meal when they’re busy with work. 


Wifi is essential for business travelers. Without it, how are they supposed to get any work done?

Business travelers will often ask about the quality of the wifi ahead of time and inquire about accessories like electrical outlets and the hotel tv.

Business travelers will often ask about the quality of the wifi ahead of time and inquire about accessories like electrical outlets.

Hotels designed for business travel should have a place where guests can print documents and tickets.

If you’re traveling for business, be prepared. Here are the essential travel tech accessories.

For international travel, an outlet convertor is a must. If you’re into fitness, get a fitness monitor to stay on top of your steps.

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Healthy Food

A fitness center is one of the most popular amenities for business travelers. The more options the hotel offers, the better.

Business guests like to jog off steam at the treadmill, but they also appreciate a relaxing dip in the pool or trip to the sauna.

Healthy food is one of the most important aspects of fitness. It’s also the hardest type of food to come by while traveling.

Good hotels will have a list of nearby grocery stores or restaurants with healthy food options. The breakfast will also feature fruits and healthy options like yogurt and smoothies.

Hotels that go the extra mile will have fruit baskets and teas in the lobby or even in the room.

Loyalty Programs

Many people avoid loyalty programs because they think they’re scams, but building points will save you money.

Even if your company is paying for your trip, you can often add the points from your stay onto your account.

If you frequently travel for business, check with your company about how to set this up.

In addition to regular programs like credit card offers, there are specialty loyalty services for business travelers. These have better options for hotels designed for business travel.

If you travel frequently, there’s no reason not to sign up for a loyalty program. Most hotel chains have locations worldwide and specialize in business travel.

Personalized Experience

All travelers deserve personal service. Considering business travelers are traveling for commercial purposes, it’s easy to overlook the importance of personalized attention.

If a business traveler enjoys their trip, they might be motivated to return for vacation.

If they don’t enjoy their stay, they definitely won’t be coming back for holiday. They’ll also communicate the negative experience with their employer.

Business travelers are under a lot of stress. That free cup of coffee or room with a better view can make their day.

Traveling for business can also be lonely. Family and friends don’t usually tag along on business trips.

Asking how their day is going and taking the time for a short conversation can make a huge difference. Ask them how their presentation went and maybe offer a free drink at the bar if it went well.

If you’re traveling for business, don’t be afraid to speak up if you need something. The hotel is there to help you.

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A great business trip is key to great business. While every traveler’s needs are unique, these are the top services for business travelers all over the world. Making sure your hotel has them is key to attracting first-time and returning travelers.

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