5 Tips to Repair Loose Brick Fast

Our home is our place of comfort. It is at home where we feel the safest with the people who love us and whom we love. It is therefore only natural for us to find ways to protect our home at all costs.

However, threats against the physical aspects of our home is inevitable. Sometimes, the cause is due to environmental factors, such as rainy days, storms, snow, and everything that leads to wall cracks in the brick work or surface. Climate and seasonal changes tend to contribute in the loosening of the bricks. Even the soil that expands due to moisture can threaten the walls of your house. The breaking of a brick wall can also be internal ones, such as possible effects to the plasterboard or gyprock due to poor design of the house or water damage that creeps into the insides of the bricks.

The problem is this: the moment you realize that there is something wrong with how the house is planned or in the execution of the construction, it is already a little too late. You are already all settled in and time has passed already to probably contact again your contractor. Thus, the only way to go is face the problem before it tears the whole house down.

How do you do so? Here are some Chicago brick repair tips for you.

Tip1:Chip it off!

The old and the new may not work

If you are such a handyman and you can fix it on your own, you can do chip it off. First, you have to chisel out the old mortar that keeps the bricks together. This is fairly easy because it is a little loose already. Use a hammer to work under the mortar. Afterwards, dust out the cavity.

Tip2:Make it moist!

By this time, you can already remove the brick. Chisel out the hardened mortar to make it clean. You can also rinse it with water. Moistening the area with water can help in making the mortar adhesive. Meanwhile, apply new mortar into the brick-barren area and slide the brick back. Apply more mortar by sliding it directly off the trowel. Voila!

Tip3:The old and the new may not work!

Chip it off!
Here is one error that many tend to face when replacing a loose brick: do not mix the old mortar with the new one. Many would only realize this mistake when they have already fixed the loose brick only to see it breaking again at another time. Others would think that the mortar is not working. The key is to remove all old mortar first before adding new mortar.

Tip4:Seal it

If you opt to not use a mortar for replacing the loose brick silicon sealant can be your best friend. It is practical because it is also available at any hardware store, and you do not have to chisel off the mortar, which can be a little taxing. Just apply the silicon sealant on the gap and put back the brick into the position. Apply pressure, and make sure that both the brick and the gap are dry to make this work.

Tip5:Call the Expert!

Call the Expert
Fixing it on your own can be beneficial, but the truth is that it is still better to let the experts do it. That way, you can be sure that your repair is set for the long term. Go to your trusted Chicago brick repair experts, and from there, you can have the lovely home that you deserve, stronger and the best that it could ever be.

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