How to Choose the Best Flower Window Boxes and Planters

Spring is coming. The season of flowers is the best time to breathe new life into your exterior. With window boxes and planters, transform your plain windows into the gorgeous ones to capture the attention of a passer-by. PVC flower containers and planters are our top picks in terms of decorating your windows.

Your guide to choosing the best window boxes is just right below.

PVC window boxes and planters: The good and the bad

Not only give you a blow of freshness every time you open the small doors, but the planters and window boxes also bring a luscious look available in spring only.

When having these items in your house, there is the advantages and disadvantages you need to notice.

PVC window boxes and planters

At an architectural grade, Versatex PVC is among the best material for flower boxes. It commits ventilating moisture to fight rot and insects for a lifetime.

PVC doesn’t look as strong as its characteristics. There are composited PVCs with solid construction to endure the weight of soil and water.

You can expect that well-manufactured plastic won’t crack in the harsh weather of winter.
Installing a PVC window box is nothing of heavy-duty work. However, the result will be totally worth your effort as you can have a whole new home for your flowers.

If you need something personalized for your home windows, it is possible to order customized boxes and planters. Pre-manufactured boxes can be crafted up to 16 ft long.

PVC window boxes and planters good
Plastic tends to be less durable compared to other solid materials.

Cheap PVC becomes crispy if exposed to too much rain and sunlight.During winter freeze, the material can crack.

Tips for choosing the best window boxes and planters

Type of containers

Type of containers

Besides PVC, there is a variety of box styles available. They are made of different materials.

Metal boxes are strong and sturdy but not a budget-friendly type.

Wood is easy to customize. However, they are prone to moisture and pests that lead to rot and damage.
Terra cotta containers are the most popular but these boxes can’t withstand the chill very well. There is only one hole so that the flowers receive inadequate drainage.

Types of planters

The plant pots vary in materials and shapes, each helps plants grow in different conditions
Let’s see how many types of planters for you to choose from.

Clay Pots
Clay Pots
The porous surface of clay lets air pass through the wall thus ventilates humidity out of the pot. That helps dry the soil and prevent rapid fluctuation in temperature.

But clay pots retain heat longer, thereby killing plants that are susceptible to high temperature.
Clay is vulnerable to crashing. Even small chips or crack can send them to garbage bags.

Concrete planters
Concrete planters
These are super durable. Their thick walls allow less fluctuation in soil temp. On the flip side, they are quite heavy and hard to carry around.

Metal Pots
Metal Pots
Durability is what metal offers. They come as aluminum, galvanized steel or cast iron.
Cheap and thin metal can be rusted and seep its toxin into the soil. Moreover, it heats the content in the pot that damage the roots inside.

For those reasons, metal pots are mostly used as cache pots. It accommodates another pot for decorative purpose.

Plastic Pots
Plastic Pots
Plastic is obviously inexpensive and versatile. The pots come in a wide variety of colors and shapes.
Besides, plastic pots own a reservoir system that is capable of self-watering. This saves you much time to spend on other activities.

Other types
Other types
You can find that there exist foam boxes, stone containers, hanging plastic baskets, and even bags to grow plants in.

For growing edible plants, PVC boxes are the best choice.

Hope this post is useful for you to choose the right house for your spring garden.

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