5 Tips To Create a Home Warm For Next Winter

Winters are coming, and we are already shivering with the thought of temperature going down and down to 2 degrees or even more. Coming off season is natural, we cannot do anything about it, but what we can do is, we can follow some tips about how to deal with winters and how we can manage to keep our homes warm. Here, are some tips, have a look:

1. Seal your doors

The little gap around the top, sides, and bottom of the door is enough to let the cold air enter inside, and the heated warm air get leaked outside. To cover these gaps and make your door air proof, you can use self-stick tapes that are available in the market as weather seal tapes. It can efficiently cover all the gaps of the doors by creating a tight seal. Installing the weather seal tape on doors is very quick and easy and very effective in keeping the house warm in cold winters. You can also place double draft stoppers at the bottom of the door or windows to avoid letting the heat out outside and the cold air seeping inside.

2. Close your curtains at night

Close your curtains at night Winter

After sunset, close your curtains to maintain the temperature of your home by not letting the cold air inside. Curtains are really helpful in keeping the warmth in the home. If the temperature drops significantly at night, you can use double or multi-layered curtains because more layers of the curtain, makes them more air proof. During the day time, open all your curtains and let the sun rays in, after all, the sun is a natural heat and helps us fight the winters.

3. Install fireplace surround

Install fireplace surround
To protect your house from winter and condition your home with warm air, installing a fireplace is the best and vital option. Place the fireplace at a centralised location of your hall or living area to ensure the free flow of warm air in the surroundings. If you have ceiling fans, you can just switch it on and allow a free flow of warm air created by your fireplace all around the home. Installing a fireplace is very effective and works wonderfully in a small house or small area by keeping the temperature in control and maintaining the warmth. Installing a fireplace is perhaps a little more expensive but worthwhile option to deal with winters. There are some great options available at https://www.heatingandplumbingworld.co.uk/fires/sales/surrounds.

4. Position your furniture in the warmth

Position your furniture in the warmth
You can simply shift some of the furniture where you like to sit and relax towards the warm area, say near the fireplace in your house. To stay warm, you could also place your chair or sofa close to the radiator to enjoy maximum warmth. Make sure that you keep a small distance from the radiator though to let the hot air move freely and get circulated all around. By keeping the curtains, clothes or any such thing away from the radiator, you can get your home warm much more quickly.

5. Use rugs for a warm floor

Use warm rugs in winter
It is the flooring of the house that gets affected by the cold the most. In summers, you may can find your floors colder if you turn on your air conditioning or open windows for some time. Naturally in winters, we expect the floors to become very cold so avoid walking over them with bare feet as you’ll feel the chilling cold floor send shivers through your body. Use rugs to avoid this or some cosy slippers to stay warm.

These are the 5 simplest and most important tips to keep your home warm in the cold and chilling winters so you can enjoy the season with ease and comfort.

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