5 Things You Should Look for in Outdoor TV Covers

Nobody wants to be cooped up in the house for too long. This is why having a television in the backyard or any part of the outdoors has become a popular thing among homeowners. Who doesn’t want to watch movies or TV series along with nature? Isn’t it also a great thing to maybe Netflix while the grill is wafting some wonderful meaty odor? Yes, there are many wonderful advantages to having a television outdoor. But there is one great disadvantage: the elements. How do you protect your TV from nature’s elements?

It is essential that homeowners protect their television sets. The patio’s roof will not be enough; the TV should have its own cover like the Garnetics outdoor TV cover so that it will still be functional for years to come. Here are the qualities you should look for in an outdoor TV cover.

Outdoor TV covers should be weatherproof

Aside from thieves, the biggest enemy of the outdoor TV are the natural phenomena brought about by the ever-changing climate. Whether it is the heat of the sun, the shower from the rain, or the cold from winter, your television is prone to get damaged. This is why an ordinary cover will not do it for your tube; it has to be an outdoor cover. You have to make sure that the material is weatherproof, meaning, it will protect your set from ANY weather and not just solely from the rain or solely from the heat of the sun. Among the materials that are good weatherproof protection are acrylic-covered or Oxford polyester, breathable and thick fabric, vinyl, among others. The material should be able to reflect sunlight and prevents water from seeping into it. A padded cover is also a good protection against flying objects, brought about by strong winds that could potentially hit the TV.
Outdoor TV covers should be weatherproof

Equipment jacket should be made of durable, quality materials

If natural elements can destroy your television set, it can do the same kind of damage to your TV cover. So make sure that your cover is of the highest-quality material or you will find yourself frequently buying a TV cover. Know which materials are good at withstanding wear and tear. Remember that you have to remove the cover and put it back on the TV set every now and then. The material will be stretched and folded. A high-quality material will not be scratched and will be immune to stretching. It is also a good advantage if the material can be easily folded so it can be stored conveniently while the TV is in use.

Built-in remote pocket is a must

The TV remote control is easily among the top household items that are easily misplaced. Make sure your TV cover has a pocket for that accessory. While the TV is protected, the remote control, in a way, will also be protected from being misplaced. But more than that, while TV covers protect TV screens from the weather and other elements, it will do the same for the accessory, especially when the outdoor television is in a vacation home where it will need year-round protection from natural and those not-so natural elements.

Cover should perfectly fit the TV set

Note that “perfect fit” doesn’t mean snug. It means that it is exactly the right fit for the television. So you have to measure your television if you have to, as well as the full motion LED / LCD plasma wall mounts. If you don’t measure, you can just write down the TV’s model because TV cover manufacturers have a list of all TV sizes because every model has a standard size. The danger of having a cover that is too big for the TV is that there will be gaps where dust can enter and stick to the equipment. If it’s raining too hard, liquid droplets might get into the gaps as well; and the heat could penetrate through the spaces. During winter, the wind could drag in some snowflakes that could wet the screen or any part of the TV, also through the gaps due to a too-big cover. A too-small cover could either leave open spaces in areas where it couldn’t give coverage or it could crack the screen because it is just too tight.

Also, another important consideration for the TV cover is how the flaps are closed. Zippers could potentially scratch the TV. So if the cover has zippers on it, it should only be on the outer layer. The best type of link to close the cover is the Velcro straps that could ensure that the cover is tightly and securely closed.
Cover should perfectly fit the TV set

TV covers don’t need to be expensive

Some people subscribe to the notion that the most expensive products are also those with the best quality. This is a myth. Sometimes, an item is just expensive because of the brand. As long as you know the best qualities to look for in a cover for your TV set in the deck patio or backyard, then you will be able to compare prices and find the best product at just the right cost. Find brands that specialize in making TV covers or TV accessories. Look for reviews of this specific brand and the specific product you are looking for to know what other people think of the product based on their experience. Check out the brands that are highly recommended by the most number of people.

TV sets are not cheap, especially this generation of boxes known as smart TVs. So buying the cover is just as important as buying the TV itself. The right equipment jacket will mean an extended life for you heavy-duty set. You don’t always know what nature has in store for you. But with a durable and weatherproof cover for your outdoor TV, then you don’t really need to know because you know that your prized possession is protected from the rain, snow, heat of the sun, mildew and dust, among others. Then of course, the cover also helps prevent scratches on your TV set.

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