Domestic Defence – How To Boost Home Security

These days, many Australians believe that crimes such as home security breaches and break-ins are on the rise. Home security is fast becoming a principal concern for homeowners as well as those who rent accommodation.

It is becoming increasingly common for some individuals and families to obtain the necessary equipment to ensure their house’s safety. There are several ways that people can improve their home security and reduce the risk of having their home broken into, from introducing CCTV installation to using a safe for your family’s most prized possessions.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more common methods you can easily employ to safeguard your family, belongings and your home.

Moving To A New Home

Moving To A New Home

When you decide to move house, it is vital that you begin your new life in the residence by changing the locks on all doors and easily-accessible windows. It may seem like overkill or paranoia but this would be the simplest way for people to gain access to your new home. Keys are often cut for visitors and even home-stay guests. Keys are also lost and stolen frequently meaning it is impossible to say how many sets of keys to your new home are out there.

This is an especially precarious situation for renters because the amount of times the property has changed hands is usually exponentially more than for homes sold on the real estate market.

Install A CCTV Or Alarm System

Depending on the level of security you feel is necessary for you, there are thousands of CCTV and alarm systems on the market which can offer you differing degrees of safety for your home. Using a house alarm or security camera equipment does not only alert you when an intruder has accessed your home but also works as a handy deterrent because burglars prefer to avoid homes that are well-prepared for their intrusion. Additionally, some systems even contact local authorities who can investigate further if the circumstances call for it.

Sensors And Timed Lighting

Sensors And Timed Lighting
Another fairly recent development in home safety is the use of lighting to deter would-be burglars. This is an easy, simple and cost-effective trick to use if you are often out of the house or want to make your home and even your neighbourhood safer. Using lights set by timers and lights with sensors which detect movement is an efficient method to discourage unwanted visitors. Well-lit areas are unlikely to be targeted by thieves as they generally prefer to stay hidden. With emerging technologies developing as fast as they are, you can now even set up a system from your smart device be it your tablet, TV or mobile phone, to automate your appliances including the lighting.

When You’re Away

A simple yet often overlooked idea for people to ensure the security of their homes while they are away is to not advertise their travels on social media or in public. This avoids informing strangers of your plans and your unoccupied residence. Another, much more common act to keep your home safe through the holidays is to ask a friend or a neighbour to check in periodically and make sure everything is in order. This could involve taking a look around the garden and entrances, picking up the mail, collecting any other deliverables, and controlling appliances to give the impression that the house is not empty and therefore not such an easy target.

The Best Defence Is A Strong Offence

The Best Defence Is A Strong Offence
There are several aspects to consider when it comes to ensuring the safety of your home whether you are going away or just worried about the day-to-day or even nighttime security you have in place. Get in touch with a security company to help you find the most effective ways to secure your home whether that be by installing a CCTV camera system or simply changing the locks.

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