5 Primary Reasons For Having Water Stored in The Home


When emergency preparations come into the topic, we always think about gear, food, and other things that are essential for our daily lives – like water. It is one of the main and most important necessities of humans and among the most crucial components of our survival. This fact gives water storage at home importance for meeting all of the industrial, fire demands of most public water systems, and domestic.

In this article, let’s discuss the five vital reasons why having water storage tanks or other essentials for water storage is important in every house or any facilities.

1: Drinking

Of course, the most obvious reason why more and more homes are opting for water storage essential mainly because of drinking. Water is required for hydration with a specific objective is to replenish the fluids lost in our body as well as extinguishing the thirst. Having a clean source of water is indispensable to a human body which means if it is contaminated, it would critically affect the individual’s health.

In addition, don’t forget that humans aren’t the only ones who need water to survive – even our pets too. According to experts, storing at least 1 gallon of water per day for each person will keep them stay sufficiently hydrated. The fact that human body is composed of 60% water, you’ll want to optimize its health to perform necessary tasks for survival.

Keeping the children, sick people, our pets, and nursing mothers hydrated will surely boost their health.

2: Hygiene and other chores

Sanitation or hygiene is purely necessary for an individual’s survival. For example, just because you’re involved in an emergency situation, it doesn’t mean that you can stop or skip brushing your teeth or even, take a bath. If you think about it – that could be unwholesome.

Water storage is not only necessary for hydration but it also plays an important role in the sanitation and other household chores in your home. From doing your laundry, washing your windows and car, watering the plants in your backyard or garden, or cleaning the different areas in your houses as well. Depending on the need of the specific community, water storage structures can be ground-level reservoirs, hydro-pneumatic tanks, buried reservoirs, elevated tanks, or rainwater collection tanks.

3: Reduces utility bills

Think of all the different appliance in your home that uses water in order to operate. This could be from dishwasher to washing machine – all of this process is no wonder the reason why your utility bills are higher than The Empire state building.

This is because these appliances cause you to pay for the consumption of energy and of course, water in order to operate. Water sources like rainwater collection tanks may contribute to decreasing costs of water utility bills.

Reduces utility bills

4: No restrictions

There are several factors that could affect water shortage such as climate change and other issues involving the environment. This could be a major issue for those homes who require or consume more water than average households. One great solution is to install rainwater collection tanks.

Collecting water from rainwater can surely give enough (or more) water consumptions for daily chores, utility, hygiene use, and aforementioned save money on bills.

5: Saving the Environment

An uncontaminated or clean water is one of the most fast-depleting, most precious resources on our planet. This fact is the main reason why water conservation is a must. With the help of having rainwater harvesting tanks of Waterstoragecapetown.co.za you can find a simple way to save the environment.

You can also do this by replacing older appliances that use water such as dishwashers or washing machines, checking for leaks, planting floras that are appropriate for the climate, and as mentioned earlier, installing water storage or rainwater collection tanks in your home.


Installing water storage tanks and other essentials for storing water is no wonder plays a significant role in helping many homes for their daily task. This includes for drinking, hygiene, different household chores, reducing utility bills, saving the environment, and so on.

Before deciding to install water storage tanks in your home, it is important to remember that choosing the right company or professionals can affect the effectiveness of the water conservation.

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