What to Ask Double Glazing Companies Before Hiring One for Your Windows


Are you about to embark on a search for a double glazing company for your window? For many clients, the idea of hiring a double glazing company isn’t something they look forward to. Typically, there are negative thoughts and reservations associated with the process of hiring a double glazing window company. These thoughts include:

  • Not knowing which company to choose out of the many available companies out there in the industry
  • Persistent salesmen from double glazing companies who may not leave the neighborhood
  • Pressure to purchase quickly to get good discounts
  • Fears that the setup will fail and lead to disruption to your property
  • The negative reputation of some double glazing companies

Questions to Ask Double Glazing Windows Companies

The huge majority of double glazing window companies are professional and ethical. A good homeowner must know the questions to ask a double glazing company before hiring them to work.

A good homeowner will also start their search on Google, performing a query such as “Local double glazing companies”. Searching for a Glazier near me can be extremely beneficial, as local companies are often cheaper than national ones.

Check out these three simple questions you can use to weed out unethical or unpopular window companies and hire the right one for your house.

How Long Have You Been Operating?

There are a lot of double glazing companies that have been in operation for decades. With all those companies in the market, it is good to know that the company you hire has a solid history of happy customers.

This doesn’t automatically signify that a firm in business just a couple of years shouldn’t be considered. If you have second thoughts about working with a new company, have a conversation with the operator or senior employees. This way, you might learn that they have years of experience supporting the business or working in the field.

The general principle is to be cautious with any purchase including home improvements. So, the fact that a double glazing company hasn’t been trading for several years isn’t a terrible thing. They may be the right choice for you and your home. Just do your own research.

Are Your Window Fitters Subcontractors or Employed?

A window provider might promote that they somehow have an edge over their competition since they use their own window fitters and do not rely on subcontract labor. This does not mean they are lying about the overall quality of their work or the reliability of their services, but how can you really know this unless they show it to you personally?

Outsourcing labor like painting, tiling and other average home repairs are very common, while double glazing window fitters fill a very specific niche in the home construction industry. Your window company may rely on a skilled employee of their firm or they may have to call in specialized contractors to handle this skilled task. They may also work with apprentices who are learning the trade and the specifics of their field.

Have You Got a Showroom?

Some double glazing companies do not have showrooms because of the multi-million dollar overhead involved in maintaining a nice showroom. Their profit is their proof and if they are doing well in business, there is no need for showrooms.

Also, these big companies rely on salespeople to offer particular products to consumers. For instance, a salesperson may come visit your neighborhood, show you some sample offerings of their windows, small pieces of glass, and some brochures. This is their way of showing you what they can offer. This is actually how some homeowners commit to spending their money, based on the few marketing tools a salesperson presents.

It is always best to visit a company’s showroom if they have one, rather than rely on a website or the few marketing materials the salesman offers. This is most significant when you are looking for products such as patio doors, bi-folding doors, glass windows, etc. It simply makes sense to see and touch actual products before buying them.

Make an Informed Decision

Ace Windows hopes that the balanced, typical questions above have given you ideas on what to expect from a good double glazing company. You now have more information about these firms than ever before. Gone are the times when you depended on a double glazing salesman to let you know what goods are available and everything you could have.

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