5 Ways to Accent Your First Apartment


You have thought about this all your life. It represents freedom, financial independence and most importantly it represents YOU!

Hunting for your first apartments in DC one can be daunting, but when you find that perfect space, you know you’ve made the right decision. Whether the apartment is a studio, one bedroom or two, the point is it is yours. But your journey doesn’t end there. You now get to customize it the way you see fit. We want to help you with that to bring out the best of you in your first apartment.

We came up with a list of tips you should follow!

1. Add the right amount of stuff

living room space organization
We all cherish our things. We want to take them wherever we go and have them fit perfectly in the space we find. But always consider the amount of space you have in your apartment. Not all of your things will fit. You will have to pick and choose what things you can keep and store in your apartment. Maximizing your usage of the apartment will increase efficiency but the things you fill your space with should be the right size and in the right amounts.

2. Themes are your best friend

bold, beautiful color bedroom
Each room can have a theme of its own. In most cases, they do. The color of your bedroom might differ from the bathroom. But remember that the whole apartment should also have an overall theme. If you like bold, beautiful colors, make sure that color schemes in each room match with one another. An overall theme will bring the ambiance together.

3. Decoration… Decoration. How should you decorate?

Apartment decoration
When it comes to decorating, we have so many great ideas that more often than not, we never execute. Our mind gets cluttered, and they become too big to make them real. First, make a list of the decorations that are must-haves. Second, try to follow your overall theme with the decorations you want. Are they in line with the big idea you want for your apartment? No? Then you might want to reconsider it. Also, remember to buy the right size for items. You don’t want it to look out of place and throw off the whole balance of the room.

4. Place your electronics elegantly among your other decors

flat-screen wall home decoration
Since we live in the modern world, we cannot escape the latest technologies, and we desire to have them around the house. But, do not clutter the apartment with the electronics everywhere. For example, if you buy a flat-screen, find a space where the wall can handle the pressure of the size. Also, make use of corners. The electronics being in the corners will improve the organization of your other items.

5. Draw inspiration from the local area

DC Apartment Architecture
The location of your apartment can give you ideas on how to adorn your space. Let’s say you are a city person and you live in an apartment in DC. That area is filled with historic architecture so you might want to do a complimentary theme with elegant items from your favorite era. Wherever your apartment is, find local businesses and examine what they offer and try to base your theme on those items. They can find the best way to represent you.

Now that I have told you my tips, go ahead and apply them to your first apartment!

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