5 Popular Trends to Inspire Your Kitchen Update


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Your kitchen says a lot about you and your home. That’s why it’s important to consider how you design your kitchen. If you’re interested in updating your kitchen space but lack fresh inspiration, we’ll present you with five popular kitchen design trends to keep your eyes on in 2023.

#1 Bring the warm colours inside the kitchen 

White is still a highly popular colour for the kitchen, but more people begin to slowly move away from your typical combination of white countertops and fronts and bring more warm and rich colours into the mix. The warm colours contribute to a more relaxing and cosy atmosphere that expresses calmness rather than chaos.

Different shades of green and blue are very much the flagship choices to give your kitchen a colourful makeover. Though they aren’t 100% entirely new additions to this year’s colour palette, they very much remain a popular trend in 2023. Expect to especially see the different colours mixed with wood. 

Furthermore, we begin – perhaps quite surprisingly- to see a completely fresh movement towards different dramatic nuances of red, like paprika and raspberry, which creates instant interest and a truly eye-popping look for the kitchen. 

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#2 Playful backsplashes 

An increasing number of people are getting bolder in their design choices. A great way to add a colourful flair to your kitchen while maintaining a nice balance is to replace the white backsplashes with bolder choices such as vibrant colourways, unique patterns or dramatic marble. Both slaps, tiles, paint and wallpaper are more than welcome.  

There’s also no reason to limit yourself to only the backslashes. By matching the backsplash and the countertop, such as doubling up on marble, you can create a clean and seamless look that works really well in almost any type of kitchen.  

#3 The takeover of marble and stone slabs

Marble and stone continue to increase their dominance in kitchen designs. You’ll see it being used for backslashes, countertops, kitchen island wrappings and more. They offer unique and interesting details that can enhance even the most basic-looking kitchen and make for a true statement-making addition to the overall design. 

#4 Mix the metals

Traditionally, you likely wouldn’t dare to mix different metals in the same room. The current trends, however, showcase that you can easily blend different metal finishes together to create a visually engaging look and a touch of elegant luxury. So feel free to try out different combinations of bronze, nickel, brass, stainless steel and other popularly used metals. 

A new and exciting addition to 2023’s go-to picks of metal finishes is aluminimum. A popular reason why aluminium will find its way into more kitchens this year is due to the material normally leaving a smaller carbon footprint compared to other alternatives. That’s because aluminium is highly recyclable and usually easier to ship. Plus, the material itself is well-known for being robust yet lightweight.      

#5 Make the kitchen island an even greater focal point

Most modern kitchens have some sort of kitchen island. In 2023, expect kitchen island to develop in more than one way to further lean into its multipurpose function. One way to overhaul your kitchen island is to increase the possibility of using it as a place to both entertain and serve family and guests by integrating an increased number of seating options. Some even use it as their working station at home. Therefore, tailor your kitchen island to fit different purposes.  

The kitchen island has also become a truly statement-making piece, standing as an interesting contrast to the rest of the kitchen design. Here, you can opt for either integrating a wooden kitchen island to break up the coloured kitchen fronts, or you can repaint the island to introduce more vibrant nuances into a normally neutral kitchen design without having to resort to a larger makeover.

Find plenty more inspiration for your kitchen makeover

There are many refreshing and exciting ideas for making your kitchen design up to date. At vidaXL, you can also find plenty of both timeless and trendy kitchen inspiration to help you give your unique kitchen space at home the inviting personality and useful functionality it deserves. Whether you’re looking to make a small or big overhaul, vidaXL offers a wide range of popular kitchen solutions that lets you design the kitchen area exactly as you want.       

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