5 Best Writing Desks For Fountain Pens


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Like most creative arts, writing takes long hours of practice and effort to perfect

It is thus only right that you create a conducive work environment that makes it easy to churn out your best work. 

A lot has been said and written about the wonders of ergonomic chairs. However, not enough is said about the benefits of a quality writing desk that suits your writing tools.  

Take fountain pens, for instance. They have steadily regained their popularity in recent years mostly due to how comfortable they are to handle and the outstanding penmanship they deliver. 

Still, you need to use the right type of writing surface to truly enjoy their benefits. 

Are you in the market for a writing desk that would fare well with fountain pens? Come along and let’s explore some leading options. 

What Is a Fountain Pen?

A fountain pen is a type of pen(writing tool) that uses a refillable ink mechanism. To achieve this, it’s made with a somewhat unique structure comprising: 

  • A nib- the point used to write. It can sometimes be swapped based on personal writing preferences.
  • An ink reservoir – this part is filled with ink and feeds the said ink to the nib as you write. Some fountain pens may, however, have an interchangeable cartridge instead.
  • A casing- this is the exterior body of the pen which may vary in design depending on the brand or a buyer’s customization choices. 

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The Sauder Shoal Creek Desk

The Sauder Shoal Creek Desk is primarily made of wood and has a charming mocha color finish. 

In terms of size, this desk has a compact design and yet it still offers enough room for you to work comfortably.

The workspace is also incredibly smooth and well-appointed to accommodate an organizer hutch and a cubbyhole shelf. 

These allocations make it easy to keep your desk neatly arranged and have easy access to notepads, pens, and other bits and bobs. 

The storage provisions of the Shoal Creek Desk go a step further to make it an all-in-one office solution.

In addition to the cubby shelf, it has a center drawer as well as two other small drawers along its side.

Worried about file storage? Don’t be. The bottom drawer is large enough to accommodate letter-size files. 

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk With a Standalone Riser

The Ameriwood Home Haven Retro desk would be an ideal choice if you would like a desk with a minimalist design. 

It would also serve you well if you are trying to set up a work area in a small space. 

The desk structure is made of wood with a distressed finish and has hairpin-style metal legs. 

However, its wow factor is that it has a low-set desktop that you can work on while seated and a riser. 

The desktop is fairly wide and can accommodate your writing area, one or two electronic devices, and other stationery or extra fountain pen nibs. It, nonetheless, has a 70-pound weight limit. 

The riser, on the other hand, can only handle up to 20lbs of weight. It would, therefore, only be ideal for storing light writing supplies or light devices.

Notably, despite ths desk’s unique design, it is fairly easy to assemble. It equally takes up little room if you choose to disassemble it and store it when it is not in use. 

Winsome All Wood Studio Home Office 

The Winsome All Wood Studio Home Office is made of honey-colored composite wood. It delivers a homey antique feel and would not look out of place in your home. 

Fortunately, this desk is not just good for its looks. It is a great space-saver with a countertop that is wide enough to host your writing sessions

The sleek surface finish would make it easy to put your fountain pen to paper and write away with ease.

The front of the desk has a hatch that comprises two mini drawers and a shelf. The desktop section also has a larger flat drawer underneath it.

Admittedly, this may not seem like much storage space but the provisions could go a long way in helping you keep your work area clutter-free.

During assembly, it is possible to leave out the hatch section if you reckon that you would like a wider work area. That said, keep in mind that this would cost you storage space. 

The Davenport Desk

The original design of the Davenport desk dates as far back as the 18th century. It has since been built in many iterations but the fundamental concept of the desk has never changed. 

The infamous design consists of a slanted desktop that is traditionally fitted with a leather inlay.  The inlay provides great padding for your paper and thus allows you to comfortably glide your fountain pen along as you write.

The slanted position of the work area provides a significant ergonomic benefit that was ahead of its time. Unlike flat writing surfaces, the inclination allows you to write without having to bend your neck too much and thereby limits neck and back discomfort. 

Like a school desk, the inclined writing surface has a storage section underneath it which is accessed by lifting it. Additionally, this desk is usually built with multiple drawers along the sides of its bottom section. You would certainly not lack storage. 

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Calligraphy Desk

Calligraphy requires a steady hand and is akin to drawing. Subsequently, it is no surprise that this calligraphy desk also doubles up as a drawing table.

This desk has a minimalist design with only a slanted worktop made of wood and leg stands. The height and inclination of the worktop can be adjusted to suit your height or help you achieve a comfortable posture. 

The dimensions of the worktop are quite generous and allow you to go about your calligraphy writing without feeling cramped. Plus, while it may have a distressed look, it is smooth and would not cause undue friction between your fountain pen and the writing surface.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right desk can be a tricky dance given all the options in the market. Still, you may have a fairly easy time of it if you aim for a design that fulfills your writing, storage, and space requirements.

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