5 Popular Custom Home Design Trends For 2019

There is nothing more amazing than owning a home that matches your vision. No wonder, new homeowners prefer custom homes instead of ready ones. Custom-built houses give you the freedom to design your living space, right from deciding the floor plan, interior décor, number of rooms, and everything that comes into the coverage of building a tailored living space. When you decide that you want to opt for a custom home, you will obviously want a design that is trending. Let us list a few design trends that are making it big in 2019.

Minimalism and simplicity

Minimalism and simplicity

Minimalism is one design trend that will never go out of style because it couples functionality with good, clean aesthetics. Decide the number of rooms that you would need according to the area available, your family size and your lifestyle. Prioritize a design that gives a well-lit, airy ambience, without leaving any place for a cluttered appearance for your living space. From the perspective of the exterior design too, make simplicity and minimalism your first choice.

Monochromatic schemes


This year, any custom home builder in Idaho Falls or elsewhere in the country would vouch for monochromatic scheme trend. High-contrast, monochromatic designs are totally trending and look appealing as well. Pairing stark whites with dark finishes creates an amazing effect on walls, flooring and even kitchen decor. You can opt for pastels if bright colors are not your style. So keep an eye on a combination of your favorite color with white and create stunning designs in various parts of your living space.

New finishes

New finishes

Another home design trend that is emerging as a dominant one in 2019 is that of new finishes. Hardware finishes such as brass, rose gold and black are becoming extensively popular. You will see plenty of unconventional finishes everywhere, from the kitchen countertops to bathroom faucets and even electrical fittings, when you check out design trends in magazines and on websites.

Smart homes

Smart Home

The introduction of smart technology has been influencing the current home design landscape to a significant extent. New homeowners are opting for home automation, right from lighting to air conditioning and security systems. This is a great technology to embrace because it makes homes energy efficient and enable you to make your lifestyle easy and comfortable as well.

Healthy homes

Healthy Home

Beyond the smart technology, the concept of healthy homes is also making it big on the custom home design front. When you ideate a design for your custom-built property, keep some space aside for greenery. If you do not have plenty of area for a garden, plan one on the terrace. The idea is to have an abundance of plants, both indoors and outdoors to ensure fresh air and a positive ambience for your living space.

Building custom homes is easier than you think if you have an experienced builder looking after your project. Not only can they help you with the construction part, they can also bring in the most amazing ideas for design, all aligned with the latest trends in the market.

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