5 Perks of Installing an Electric Fireplace

As you design your home’s living room, most people want it to be as cozy as possible. When it comes to achieving a cozy atmosphere, one of the most important elements is your fireplace. After all, there’s nothing more picturesque than gathering around a cozy fireplace on a crisp evening with the people that you love.

Unfortunately, sometimes the way that we envision things in our head aren’t always as manageable as we’d like in reality. The truth is that fireplaces are a tremendous amount of work. The cost and hassle of maintenance will quickly start to become a pain. Therefore, the next best thing to consider is buying an electric fireplace. Not only do you get all of the same benefits as a traditional fireplace, but also the following perks.

No Flames Or Smoke

No Flames Or Smoke

One of the biggest complaints about traditional fireplaces are the sparks, flames, and smoke. With an electric fireplace, none of these factors are a concern. You simply plug in your fireplace, and you’ve got a fire!

Look closely, however. Even though they may look like real flames, they’re actually lights creating the illusion of fire on artificial logs. Yet you still get the look and warmth of a fire without worrying about your house smelling like a campground.

Energy Efficient

As the weather gets colder, chances are that it’s time to start using your home’s heating system. It costs a considerable amount of money to keep a home warm, depending on how old your home is.

Using an electric fireplace can heat up a room without hitting your electric bill as hard as traditional heaters. By relying on your electric fireplace as an alternative to your heating system, you’ll see a significant difference in your energy bill!


If you have children and pets in your home, real fire is probably not a great idea. The last thing you want to worry about is anyone getting burned or catching on fire.

Electric fireplaces, while they still shouldn’t be touched, will remain cool if your kids and pets accidentally get too close. Most come with an automatic shut-off feature, which takes even more stress off of your hands.

No Cleaning

No Cleaning
If you’ve ever looked into a real fireplace, then you’ve probably noticed all of the ash and soot. Cleaning a fireplace is a considerable amount of work and usually requires a professional.

Cleaning is hardly a concern when you have an electric fireplace. Without flames or wood, it’s as simple as turning on and off your device. No chimney to clean!


Believe it or not, traditional fireplaces can cost thousands of dollars to install. Electric heaters cost a fraction of the cost that you would pay, especially if you factor in cleaning costs and firewood.

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