3 Tips For Maintaining Your Yard In The Fall

Once the fall weather starts setting in, it’s time to get serious about yard maintenance so you and your loved ones can enjoy a beautiful yard once better weather comes back in the spring. So to help ensure that all your hard work over the summer isn’t completely lost in the cooler months, here are three tips for maintaining your yard in the fall.

Remove Leaves As Soon As Possible

In many places around the world, fall weather means the changing—and raking—of the leaves. And while looking at the leaves changing color can be beautiful, having to deal with them all once they’ve fallen on your lawn can be a headache.

But despite how much you might want to procrastinate taking care of this yard work, Thomas Baker, a contributor to This Old House, recommends that you remove any leaves from your yard as soon as you possibly can. For many people, this will mean multiple days spent raking up leaves and cleaning up your yard as much as you can.

If left alone on your lawn, that grass can easily become soggy, matted and dead when spring rolls around again, which just means even more work for you to get the grass back to its former health.

Get Rid Of Your Weeds

Get Rid Of Your Weeds

If your yard has spots where you’ve had a hard time getting rid of weeds, fall is the perfect time to hit them hard and eliminate them once and for all.

During the fall, Joseph Truini, a contributor to Popular Mechanics, shares that weeds, just like all other plants, are trying to get as many nutrients as they can to grow. This means they’ll be much more willing to drink up any weed killers that come their way.

But before you apply anything to your weeds, make sure you read the label on the package. In most cases, temperatures should be very moderate when you apply an herbicide if you’re looking for the best possible results.

Reseed Any Dead Patches

Reseed Any Dead Patches
Whether due to weeds or the weather, it’s likely that you’ll have at least a few dead patches of grass by the time fall starts. Luckily, fall is a great time to treat these areas in preparation for the next spring.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, reseeding dead patches of grass in the fall is ideal because there are fewer weeds to have to fight against and less harsh temperatures to combat. When you do reseed, make sure you also apply a mulch product so you can better protect the seed and fertilize the area you’re trying to bring back to life.

If you’re ready to start your fall yard maintenance, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prioritize the most important tasks.

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