5 Interior Design SEO Hacks for 2020 and Beyond

The aim remains to grab the attention of search engines without looking as if you’re trying to do so.

SEO, in many ways, represents the best of digital marketing.
That’s because it requires far less direct investment than online advertisements; and follows a more structured approach than social media marketing.

Here are 5 SEO hacks that are sure to beef up your SEO in 2020 and beyond.

Go for niches

The narrower niche you target, the less competition you face.

You may also face less potential customers searching for that keyword, but the risks of too little searches is almost always less than the reward of fewer entities competing for the same keyword.

For example, a Bangladeshi interior designer in Dhaka should allocate focus and resources in targeting ‘interior designer in Dhaka’ and ‘interior designer in Bangladesh’ roughly in the ratio of 60:40.

If you’re in an advanced economy, for example an interior designer in New York City, ‘interior designer in New York City’ and ‘US interior designer’ should be targeted in the ratio of 70:30, because the opportunities in local markets would be higher in an advanced economy.

Consult Wikipedia for keywords and topics


Wikipedia is actually a great place to do your keyword planning. Even better than Google Keyword Planner.

That’s because Keyword Planner, to this day, focuses strongly on semantics, while Wikipedia has a broader focus on themes and popular topics.

Actual human interest is reflected better on Wikipedia than on Google Keyword Planner.
Interior Design1

Where to look in Wikipedia for keyword planning?

  • Box of contents
  • Sidebars
  • Internal links (the anchor text of each internal link is a potential topic and keyword idea)
  • See Also section

Don’t go for short-term tricks

I think you already know about keyword stuffing – repeating keywords just to inflate keyword quantity without enhancing article quality.

Some other short term SEO tricks are

  • Gateway/Landing page – Link to an irrelevant landing page which redirects the browser elsewhere.
  • Link farms – Create a page or contribute content to a page that has very thin content apart from links.
  • Cookie stuffing – Forcing irrelevant cookies into people’s computers on the sly to inflate traffic metrics.

These tactics may work for a few week; but search engines are constantly updating themselves to keep up with Interior Design SEO tactics that focus on rank improvement without adding value to web surfers and your website will eventually be deleted from the search index.


Don’t go for substandard link building

When going for link building, stress on quality. Publishing guest posts in subpar blogs and websites won’t pay off as handsomely as publishing fewer posts but in high quality blogs.

Using online search for link building

Search for various combinations of ‘best + {your industry/theme} blog + {year}’ to get a list of the most popular blogs around.

Reach out to them and see where you can get a footing.

The internet has all kinds of content – including lists of the best blogs in various categories and for various metrics – and you’re sure to get published on winners if you follow this SEO hack.

Interior Design2

Hold on to visitors

If someone goes to your page but then leaves, that’s known as a ‘bounce’.

And the time people spend on your page is called ‘dwell time’.

A combination of low bounce and high dwell time tells Google that your content adds value to readers and deserves a high SERP rank.

How do you do this?

  • Get to the point quickly.
  • Make your content specific.
  • Build interest and lead into a killer Call to Action.

If it’s a blog page

  • Avoid large chunks of text.
  • Have diagrams, lists and graphs punctuate the text wherever possible.

With this checklist in place, you should start getting the low bounce – high dwell time condition required to win at SEO.

To sum up, the 5 Interior Design SEO hacks for 2020 and beyond are

  • Go for niches
  • Consult Wikipedia for keywords and topics
  • Don’t go for short-term tricks
  • Don’t go for substandard link building
  • Hold on to visitors

And, above all, always avoid tricks and look to add value to people who visit your site/page.

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