5 Health Benefits of Using a Standing Table

The modern day workplace culture has evolved from what the scenario used to be a few decades ago. Right from the day to day operations to the dynamics of the office space, there has been a paradigm shift as to how employees and superiors operate. However, amidst these changes, if there is a toxic habit which has remained constant throughout, it is the relentless sitting hours. 

No matter how many breaks you get between working hours, or how ergonomic the office furniture is, the truth still remains unchanged. All those hours that you are spending sitting at your workstation are taking a toll on your physical health. According to a research conducted at Waterloo University, experts infer that one should stand for at least 30 minutes in an hour to not get affected with the corporate lifestyle. So, if you have been noticing back problems or weight gain, here are only some of the many reasons why you must invest in a standing table.

Supports movement

The human body is designed in a manner which ensures it stays in motion and moves throughout the day. This keeps all the physiological and psychological functions in place. However, the very concept of sitting workstations is completely against the natural requirement of the body. Hence, it is essential for offices to make conscious efforts to incorporate health concerns along with the design thinking concepts. 

A standing table is designed in a manner that it supports movement every once in a while. Don’t fret thinking you might have to stand still in one posture throughout the day as it is equipped with the adjustment feature, granting complete autonomy of movement. You can buy standing desks from here

Maintains posture

Maintains posture

Most 9-5 office goers often complain of developing a bad posture eventually. This occurs because of spending 8-10 hours in the sitting position in the workplace. Right from having meals to sipping drinks and ordering junk, everything happens in the same position, making it difficult for the body to maintain a steady metabolism process. By standing for a few hours every day, one can avert the problem concerning posture.

Alternating between standing and sitting

A standing table has also been proven to alleviate the mood of a person. Since one requires to switch positions with a standing table, it ensures that you stay away from fatigue. While using a standing table, it is essential to know that you are supposed to switch between sitting and standing. The opposite of sitting all day is certainly not standing all day! On an average, for every 2 hours you spend sitting in one position, make it a point to stand for 1 hour in order to stay healthy. 

Boost to productivity

Boost to productivity

It is a common concern, especially at workplaces that standing for too long may cause a hindrance in the productivity levels. The concern doubles up if you are involved in a job which requires you to type for an extensive number of hours. However, a standing table solves your concern by not creating one in the first place. Studies have also proved that switching between sitting down and standing working hours has resulted in increased productivity as the employees do not adapt a lackadaisical approach. Agreeing to the fact that it might take a bit of a practice for people who are not used to workouts or physical activities but can certainly add golden years to your life. 

Internal health benefits

There is certainly no doubt about the fact that a standing table causes reduced obesity by catalysing the metabolism and not allowing fat to accumulate at one place. However, weight loss and posture are only the visible benefits. According to multiple researches conducted by renowned universities and health institutes, standing post meals delays the spike in blood sugar by a significant amount. This is a complete blessing for people who are already struggling with high blood sugar. Additionally, standing also improves blood circulation and keeps your heart healthy for a long time. 

A slight change in position and posture can have a huge impact on the health and life expectancy of a person. It is hard to avoid the evils of a corporate workplace but given the right equipment and slight discomfort, you can certainly live a healthier life. Investment in a standing table is an investment in your health.

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