How A Steel Ball Valve Can Be A Better Choice for You


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Steel Ball Valve

For the longest time since years, steel has continued to be the prime choice for buyers, thanks to its numerous advantages, which it possesses over other kinds of spherical shut-off. 

Ball Valves are well-known items that are utilized in the plumbing business. They can efficiently stop the progression of water from getting through the line. There are two main principal materials for metal Ball Valves, namely Brass and Stainless Steel. With the developing fame of impeccable fittings in the industrial and non – industrial applications, it is worth mentioning that Stainless Steel Ball Valves have acquired the attention it deserves.

Steel Ball Valve is undoubtedly a better choice for various reasons, crucial ones amongst which are:

It is More Durable

This is one of the major reasons why suppliers opt for steel ball valves. The material can handle extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. This justifies the fact that the material is more durable and has better longevity. 

It is Resistant

It is a type of steel that is comparatively sturdier, and the material has a high resistance that can handle various conditions. It is worth mentioning that stainless steel has a higher corrosion resistance compared to brass. This is something critical to focus on, particularly with regards to valves. Since valves are intended to open and close, such operations can cause huge issues like corrosion and thus can make a Ball Valve break or become unfit to move. Stainless Steel Ball Valves tend to also hold up and work better to relatively harsher water types.

It is Affordable

It is Affordable

Apart from its industrial usage, it is also preferable in the case of domestic utilities as it is easily obtainable at a minimal charging rate, making it an economical investment.

Requires Less Maintenance

Besides being an economical investment and durable, it does not require much maintenance provided the installation has been done properly. This serves the best for people who are on a budget.

Higher Pressure Ratings

Stainless Steel has a much higher pressure rating compared to Brass. It is preferred much more in heavy-duty areas like industrial applications, which require materials that have a larger pressure rating.

It Is Comparatively More Effective

This is a major concern when the material that has to be used will get in direct contact with a lot of fluid that is responsible for corrosion, thus making it fragile. Stainless steel is suitable in such a case because it is resistant to corrosion and has negligible chances of leakage.

However, choosing the right valve can be a bit tricky and tedious task; hence one needs to follow the below mentioned right steps to choose the suitable valve:

choosing the right valve

Getting the Right Size: The size of the valve affects efficiency. Having an oversized or undersized valve can restrict the flow of fluid and thereby causing a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Checking the Material Used: It is essential to choose the right material that can give a robust structure that is not only sturdy but also is corrosion resistant. It should also be able to handle extreme temperatures to function effectively.

Maintenance Check: It is important to have the best quality product to avoid any further maintenance.  In case of heavy usage, there are chances of frequent repairs if not handled properly. Always research the products that are offered by the manufacturer and therefore opt for long-lasting and effective ones.

Fluid Pressure Check: Every liquid has a different rate of flowing and therefore requires a material that can handle such pressures. Thus, it is important to choose the valve material wisely.

Check If There Is Any Special Requirement for The Valve: Always check the cracking pressure required to open the valve and also ensure that the valve is carefully mounted or not to perform well.

Verifying the Certifications, If Any: it is advisable to take such utility products from verified manufacturers. As a consumer, check the quality assurance and performance certifications before buying the products.

All these vital steps need to be followed before buying the right valve. Steel Ball Valves serves all these requirements efficiently, and therefore it is a better choice that is available in the market. 

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